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Hello! I am glad to let you know that your bike.type is ready for pickup. 🙂

Hello William! I am glad to let you know that your BMX is ready for pickup. 🙂

Text conversations

Support your customers, promptly answer their questions, and exchange information through text message or multimedia messaging.

Automated messages

Automate repetitive communications tasks, such as order confirmations, service updates, reminders, approval requests, and friendly follow-ups.

Rules based on what you know
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Manage your conversations, customer profiles, appointments and all of your text messaging accounts from your mobile phone.

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Appointment reminders

Appointment reminders

Manage all your appointment confirmations, cancellations, and rescheduling in a single user-friendly interface.


Increase customer retention and sales by sending comprehensive inspection or diagnostic videos in a timely and effective manner. Build trust with your customers and improve customer satisfaction by adding transparency to your relationship with Kimoby’s video feature.

Positive analysis
Negative analysis

Satisfaction follow-ups

Send personalized feedback requests. Analyze comments in real time and turn them into clear visual insights that you can instantly act on.

Pay however they want

Kimoby Pay

Request payments straight from ongoing text conversations and give your customers the convenience to pay from their mobile phones.

Targeted campaigns

Send your customers personalized relevant offers based on their interests and past purchases. Notify them of new product arrivals, hot deals and seasonal specials.

Targeted campaigns


Streamline the process of online reputation management and automate the review requests.

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