Our texting solution integrates with your CDK management system | Kimoby

Our texting solution integrates with your CDK management system

Engage with your service customers through text messages

Take a quick video tour of Kimoby and discover a web-based communication platform that helps dealerships of all sizes instantly connect with their customers via texting and multimedia messaging.


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All the features you need, at the right cost

Simple, transparent pricing designed to be affordable for teams of all sizes. All plans include unlimited messages to and from customers.

Plans start at
  • 2-way text chat? All messages powered by Kimoby are bidirectional by default because we believe that customers should always be able to reply directly and conveniently to any message, reminder or notification they receive.
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Quick and easy setup
  • No contract. No hidden fees.
  • Targeted campaigns add-on ? Build targeted customer groups and send them relevant marketing offers to increase your service revenue. + $200/mo

Manage text conversations with customers at scale

Interact with your customers through texting and multimedia messaging to increase service continuity. Carry on quick and helpful one-on-one text conversations about specific ROs, repair estimates, job approvals, and in direct response to general information or service quote requests. It's like a live chat, only better.

Automate your repetitive tasks and reduce no-shows

Save time spent calling customers with automated appointment reminders that ask them to confirm their attendance. Bring them back with service reminders triggered by time or estimated mileage. Streamline timely, personalized notifications that keep them informed throughout the repair process.

Make customer feedback a part of your daily operations

Give customers a quick and easy way to let your team know how satisfied they are after each service appointment. Kimoby automatically turns open text feedback into a clear visual representation and highlights customer emotions hidden in comments, in a format that's easy to understand and act on.

Management and monitoring

  • Performance dashboard
  • Message delivery reports
  • Conversation history
  • Appointment activity screen
  • Business hours settings
  • Staff user roles and avatars
User supportKimoby comes with ongoing dedicated support centered around your sales staff and their everyday tasks. Learn more
Data integrationPersonalize each message based on the customer and vehicle data stored in your dealership management system. Learn more
Kimoby PaySave your customers time by letting them view their invoice and make payment from their mobile phone. Learn more

Kimoby partners resources

Subscription agreement

Read the Kimoby account subscription agreement and terms of service.

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Access authorization process

Authorize Kimoby to access your CDK Dealer Management System (DMS).

Start authorization process View instructions

Sales pitch deck

View and download a sales presentation outlining the benefits of Kimoby.

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Navigate through a comprehensive collection of simple articles aimed at helping both beginning and experienced users get the most out of Kimoby.

New user training webinars

You're new to Kimoby? Training webinars are exactly what you need to be on the path to success. Kimoby training webinars are free and presented on an ongoing basis, so there's always a convenient time slot just ahead.

Customer conversations

Learn how to text like a pro and master customer conversations.

Communication tips

Get useful insider tips for more effective customer communications.

Team collaboration

Learn how to collaborate better and share context with teammates.

Communication features to deliver a superior customer experience

Text Conversations

Drive hundreds of text conversations simultaneously by assigning them across your service team, based on role and availability. Every team member has instant unified access to all customer profiles, ongoing conversations, previous interactions and internal notes; all the context frontline staff need to solve customer inquiries with speed and confidence. When words are not enough, offer your customers rich visual support by exchanging photos, videos and PDF documents, all through text message. See how this feature works.

Automated Messages

Send automated and personalized follow up messages, service reminders, repair approvals, vehicle-ready notifications, and status updates, with consistent professionalism and perfect timing. Automate every repetitive communication task, based on your own workflow rules and the customer information you already have. See how this feature works.

Appointment Reminders

Automatically send text message reminders to which your customers can easily reply to confirm attendance or receive further instructions. Manage all your appointment confirmations, cancellations, and rescheduling in a single user-friendly interface while keeping full visibility into your daily staff workload. Streamline the time-consuming customer callback process and let your frontline service staff focus on delivering a first-class customer experience that makes car maintenance enjoyable and simple. See how this feature works.

Targeted Campaigns

Build targeted customer groups, and send text message campaigns to them, such as tire storage reminders, safety recall notices, or exclusive seasonal offers. Ignite customer engagement with relevant content, increase business traffic, and boost revenue significantly. See how this feature works.

Satisfaction Tracking

Automatically send customer feedback requests through text message, after each visit to your dealership. Kimoby analyses open text responses in real time and turns them into visual happiness scores that your team can instantly act on. Be instantly notified of negative feedback comments, spot service issues as they arise and reach out to unhappy customers with speed and professionalism. Make everything perfectly right and close the feedback loop before CSI surveys get sent out by the manufacturer. See how this feature works.

Kimoby Pay

Send text notifications of service repair completion along with invoice details and mobile payment form, straight from within ongoing text conversations with customers. Offer them the convenience to pay with their mobile phones before they come to pick up their vehicles and make the end-of-day bottleneck at the cashier a thing of the past. Kimoby Pay keeps your payment operations streamlined and secure. Setting up your account is hassle-free and your existing payment infrastructure remains undisrupted. See how Kimoby Pay works.

Secure and reliable integration with your CDK management system

Kimoby seamlessly integrates with your CDK Drive dealer management system, enabling you to send automated messages specially tailored to your individual customers and their vehicles.

Customer profile updates

Changes made to customers in CDK are automatically synced with Kimoby to update profiles in near real-time.

Service appointment extracts

Appointments created in CDK daily are made available in Kimoby to view, send text reminders and track attendance.

Repair order extracts

Kimoby receives open and close ROs daily, enabling you to trigger automated messages after specific events.

Keep your business relevant today

Ready to breathe new life into your customer communications?

Kimoby proudly partners with CDK Global to help you achieve better communications with your customers.

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