Reynolds & Reynolds Integration

Reynolds and Reynolds partners with Kimoby to help you easily communicate with your customers via text message from a laptop or mobile phone.

Reynolds & Reynolds

Reynolds & Reynolds

The Reynolds Certified Interface Program allows non-Reynolds software application-providers to have supported integration with ERA® and POWER, using standard data interfaces.




United States and Canada


Automotive dealerships


Turn your Reynolds & Reynolds DMS data into helpful conversations with customers

Kimoby seamlessly integrates with your Reynolds & Reynolds management system to enable you to send automated appointment reminders, work progress updates and service follow-ups specially tailored to your individual customers and their vehicles - all through text message.

  • Quickly respond to general information and service quote requests.
  • Exchange photos, videos and PDFs to speed up the job approval process.
  • Set up preset messages to increase upsell opportunities.
  • Automate your repetitive tasks and reduce appointment no-shows.
  • Keep customers well-informed throughout the repair process.
  • Send maintenance reminders for brake inspection, tire rotation, oil change etc.

How does it work?

Reynolds & Reynolds software sends data to Kimoby, Kimoby sends text to your customers and receives text messages from your customers

How does it work?

What data is synced?

Customer profile updates

Customer profile updates

All changes made to customer profiles in Reynolds & Reynolds are automatically synced with Kimoby platform to update profiles in near real-time.

Service appointment extracts

Service appointment extracts

Appointments created in Reynolds & Reynolds every day are made available in Kimoby to view, send text reminders and track attendance.

Repair order extracts

Repair order extracts

Kimoby receives open and close repair orders daily, enabling you to trigger automated messages after specific events.

Bring mobility to your DMS

With Kimoby’s mobile app your staff can access the data hosted in your Reynolds & Reynolds DMS from anywhere in the dealership directly from their mobile phone. Get your system functionalities straight to your mobile.

With Kimoby’s Mobile App you can send messages, access to your conversations, view a customer’s activity, write internal notes, tag other users, send payment requests, and more.

Manage all your customer conversations in one place

Support your customers, promptly answer their questions, and exchange various service-related information through text message or multimedia messaging.

Kimoby web-based platform helps you deliver superior customer service. It is an all in one easy interface designed for effective teamwork and seamless staff collaboration.

Text Conversations

Manage the customer conversation in a collaborative way

Employees, from service advisors, appointment coordinators, through mechanics, to fixed operations, BDC and more, can collaborate, tag other users and write internal notes directly in a conversation with a client.

Simply connect your relevant staff to the platform so they have access to the conversation with the client and can quickly and efficiently communicate.

Manage the customer conversation in a collaborative way
Translation feature

Talk to your customers in their preferred language

Kimoby has a free translation feature to help you communicate in the native language of your customers. It also allows you to translate incoming messages from your customers in the language of your choice, directly in the conversation interface.

Personalize text messaging campaigns to the profile of your customers

Cross-sell and upsell them with tailored product recommendations, based on their interests and past purchases. Notify them of new product arrivals, hot deals, and seasonal specials.

The Kimoby Targeted Campaigns add-on allow you to use the information your customers give you to send them personalized offers that resonate.

With our Targeted Campaigns add-on, spark engagement, increase traffic, and boost your revenue the smart way.

Targeted Campaigns
Kimoby Pay

Make it easier for your customers to pay however they want

Kimoby Pay keeps your daily payment operations fast, streamlined and secure. You can simply request payments straight from ongoing text conversations and give your customers the convenience to pay from their mobile phones.

Kimoby Pay makes the end-of-day bottleneck at the cashier a thing of the past.

Make sure your staff user base is well-trained and well-supported

Kimoby comes with dedicated and continued technical customer support and comprehensive and ongoing training, centered around your staff's daily tasks and challenges. Get the most out of our texting platform to leave a positive impact on productivity and customer retention you’re striving for.

Time to resolve
 a support issue

~ 7 minutes time to resolve a support issue

Proactive touchbase calls

90-day proactive touchbase calls

9 time zones covered

9 time zones covered in North America

User training and support

Support Chat

Phone & In-App Support

Users get quick answers to technical questions from qualified experts.

[email protected]
Live Trainings

Live Trainings

Kimoby live trainings are free and presented on an ongoing basis.

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Help Center

Online Help Center

Simple articles aimed at helping you get the most out of Kimoby.

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