Instant Marketing

Reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

Instant Marketing

Bring together everything you know about your customers to build campaigns that are relevant to them

Use the information your customers give you to send them personalized offers that resonate. Cross-sell and upsell them with tailored product recommendations, based on their interests and past purchases. Notify them of new product arrivals, hot deals, and seasonal specials. Spark engagement, increase traffic, and boost your revenue the smart way.

Campaign messages with perfect timing

Deliver flawless campaign messages with perfect timing.

  • Schedule Campaign

    Schedule Campaign

    Set campaigns to go out immediately or at a specific time in the future.

  • Test Campaign

    Test Campaign

    Test campaigns on your own mobile phone or teammates to see how messages will look.

  • Abort Campaign

    Abort Campaign

    Interrupt a campaign while it’s sending if you notice any last minute issue.

Group your customers by common needs and interests.

  • Group your customers from a selection

    Upload data from a third-party system

    Easily upload lists from your CRM, DMS, OEM, brand system, franchise system or any other source, in a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.

  • Dynamic Customer Groups

    Dynamic Customer Groups

    Create rules to automatically include or exclude customers based on their personal information and preferences.

  • Customer Group Overview

    Customer Group Overview

    Get full visibility over every action taken on specific customer groups, including customers added or excluded manually.


Automated Unsubscribe Management

Making sure that your customers never receive unsolicited messages is a good way to show them respect. If any of your customers don't want to receive your text campaigns, make it easy for them. They simply reply STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE at any time and they will automatically be excluded from future messages.

Address each customer by name and make it compelling.

Photos, Videos & Documents

Photos, Videos & Documents

Attach photos, videos, invoices, PDFs or any documents, with no file size limit.

Dynamic Personalization

Dynamic Personalization

Personalize messages with merge fields based on customer information and events.

Elizabeth - Sister's Closet: Hello Jasmine đŸ‘‹, I was just thinking about you as these great ankle boots đŸ‘¢ came in yesterday that I know you'll love;


Track campaign responses in real time and connect instantly.

  • Campaign Conversations

    Campaign Conversations

    Customers can reply to your campaign messages, reach out for information, and start a conversation.

  • Campaign Delivery Reports

    Campaign Delivery Reports

    Monitor campaign progress and track the delivery of every message in real time.

namephonePaul Rhodes(581) 136-4387statusSentresponseCan we talk about…Tire PromotionStarted Today at 13:15, created bySarah SandersTotal audience287Succesfuly sent114Errors114

Messaging Compliance

Kimoby was built from the ground up with respect of customers in mind. Compliance standards set by the law, industry standards, and wireless carriers are built in our communication platform — from legal disclaimers to automated opt-in and opt-out management. We provide continuous best practice advice, so that you can focus on building better relationships with your customers.

  • US Laws and Regulations

    US Federal Regulations

    Rules and guidelines set forth by FCC's TCPA for sending text messages are handled by Kimoby behind the scenes.

    Read about TCPA
  • Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

    Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

    All messages contain the unsubscribe mechanism mandated by CASL, and sender information required by CRTC regulations.

    Read about CASL
Messaging Compliance

Achieve real business results and visible improvements in customer satisfaction.

Faster response time

Maximize customer convenience with less wait time and resolve issues proactively.

Higher productivity

Save hours of manual work, minimize errors and reduce no-shows to appointments.

Improved consistency

Improve consistency of communications across your staff and build customer trust.

More time to focus on making customers happy

"Our department saves several hours each week and it helps us deliver a better customer service experience. We have more time to do our jobs right."

Dave Longo, Former Service Manager

Volvo Villa

Results Results

Improved customer satisfaction by 20%

One unified communications platform to connect better with your customers

Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

Automatically sync customer data between Kimoby and the tools you already use.

Rich Customer Profiles

Rich Customer Profiles

Import all customer information you already have into a single, consistent profile view.

Simple User Management

Simple User Management

Create multiple accounts, edit staff details, assign roles and monitor all activity.

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