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Is your BDC suffering from sales atrophy?

Kimoby’s marketing campaign capabilities automate your BDC’s manual processes, help get more customers through the door—and stop service sales from tanking.

Does your BDC team have a hard time reaching lost souls and even current customers? Is your customer database gathering dust, with entries spanning all the way back to the Dark Ages?

Spending a fortune on sending letters or worst telemarketing activities that generate Meh results? It’s time to automate your BDC initiatives with Kimoby and drive people into your dealership.

Elevate your BDC’s sales effectiveness

Stop having your BDC team make phone calls ad nauseam all day with BARELY ANY positive responses (do you hear the crickets?). Stop burning money on traditional marketing ads that don't get your phones ringing. It’s time to regain control of your outbound marketing efforts with Kimoby.
Automate Kimoby campaigns to bring more people in your doors for:

  • Recurring maintenance and other service appointments
  • Ahead appointments and fully booked calendar before any seasonal changes
  • Special events invitations and limited-time offer send-out
  • Faster and more successful service-to-sales liaisons for customers at the end of their leases or warranties

Automate campaigns that impact your dealership scores

Your BDC should always be selling, not dealing with non-value-added administrative tasks that cause your costs per lead to skyrocket. Kimoby eliminates the many manual headaches that prevent your team from closing appointments in a snap. Tap into your customers' lists, which are goldmines of marketing and sales opportunities to:

  • Sync Kimoby with your DMS, clean up your BDC's contact list for good and use valuable data for personalized and targeted messages
  • Encourage the completion of satisfaction surveys and online reviews
  • Substantially increase the number of ROs and average RO value
  • Promote customer retention for new car sales
  • Facilitate F&I efforts and maximize closings

Streamline recalls and VIN matching

Does just the sound of the word “recall” make you want to break out into hives? Or are the hives caused by all the spreadsheets and printed papers you have to deal with to manually build recall lists and get your BDC/advisors/telemarketing firm to try and reach your customers (good luck with that...)? And sending out snail mail letters to encourage customers to book appointments for recalls has definitely worked, right? Said. No. Dealership. Ever. Kimboy saves the day by enabling you to:

  • Effortlessly match VINs and customer information; simply import your list and let Kimoby do all the heavy lifting to make the matches 
  • Send out thousands of recall campaigns via text message in a matter of seconds
  • Get quick responses from customers and a never seen before higher level of booked appointments (watch your CSI and ROI fly through the roof)
  • Order just the right amount of parts for upcoming repairs - and accelerate inventory turnover 

Is your BDC achieving these results?

$30K in revenues

With the right tools and processes, BDC’s can generate these types of results with any promo, recall and marketing campaigns.

Kimoby's automation saves our BDC manager a solid 2 hours daily. Our staff can do high-value tasks instead.

Jim Challes
Fixed Operations Manager, Seaside Chevrolet

See the difference.
Then experience it.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your dealership’s current processes and how Kimoby’s two-way instant messaging can help.