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Mobile payments

Is your service checkout process slow as a snail?

Kimoby’s flexible mobile payment options will delight your 21st-century customers. Speed. Convenience. Transparency. The only thing swifter than your dealership’s checkout process is how quickly customers will get back on the road.

Endless customer questions. Papers endlessly on the corner of your desk, waiting for customers to get in. Unreachable clients and vehicles hanging out in your lot. Difficult-to-understand billing. Long, drawn-out check processes that cause irritation levels to rise in people hanging around your service desks to pay for the service work.

That’s no way to end jobs on a positive note. Count on Kimoby’s secure and encrypted mobile payment solutions to banish wait times and help you get paid faster.

Get paid faster. Eliminate fraud thanks to 3DS.

Kimoby prevents the money madness by offering mobile payments that get deposited right away and adds an extra layer of security to detect suspicious activity and swiftly stop potentially fraudulent transactions in their tracks. Traditional payment processing in car dealerships can’t protect you from credit and debit card fraud. And it takes days for payments to be processed, which can cause major damage to your monthly cashflow. Kimboy goes beyond conventional payment processors to:

  • Automatic customer validation to redflag any inconsistencies
  • Put a stop to fraudulent transactions before they’re even processed
  • Have payments processed within 24 hours, not days!
  • Get your money deposited ultra-fast without having to chase after it or wonder when you’ll get it

End the service checkout chaos

It’s just before end of the day. And your service desks are inundated with customers who just want to get into their serviced vehicles and head off. But there are technical questions to answer. Explanations to be given. Payments to be processed. What if Kimoby’s mobile payments could stop the service tsunami?

  • Send estimates, with videos and pics, prior to work being carried out, for immediate approvals (no more paper forms!)
  • Once vehicles are ready, alert customers so that they can review their invoices and pay via their mobile phones
  • Offer a range of payment options through all major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Eliminate fraud and the time spent recovering money

Get real-time visibility into your daily payment operations

Keep your accounting in check and stop scrambling as you manage a backlog of invoices and receipts. Kimoby centralizes all mobile payment information and syncs with your DMS so that you can easily view:

  • Payment activity overview, including estimates, invoices, payment details, transaction fees and deposits
  • Real-time reports on your daily payment operations
  • Efficient bank reconciliation and analyses

How long is your payment wait time?

300 seconds 

If your dealership's average wait time exceeds the maximum of 5 minutes that customers are willing to tolerate in line, it is likely to result in dissatisfaction and potentially losing customers.

Customers simply love paying by text message!
It’s easy and convenient - everybody always has their phone on them.

Elaine Forsyth
Manager, OK Tire Spruce Grove

See the difference.
Then experience it.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your dealership’s current processes and how Kimoby’s two-way instant messaging can help.