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What are you struggling with today?

Fed up that your customer approval processes are at a snail’s pace? Is customer engagement at its lowest?

Kimoby helps you keep ahead of the game by informing customers of what they need to know, when they need to know it ...without the non-stop (and misfired) phone calls. Level up your transparency and the trust customers have in your service.

Two auto mechanics inspecting car parts and preparing an estimate for repairs.

Your staff hits customer voicemails like its going out of style. Converting customers via email and paper-based promos is a pie-in-the-sky dream.

Kimoby’s communications platform for car dealership service centers makes upselling a piece of cash cake. Set up automated text messages based on specific customer profiles and behaviors—and become an upselling rockstar.

Conversation between a car dealership representative and a customer discussing an estimate for car repairs

Are you banging your head on your desk because of low ROs and even lower CP revenue challenges—and concerned about the aftermath?

Sleep better at night with Kimoby. Flip lost souls into loyal customers. Create new revenue streams. Kickstart your average monthly ROs/CP revenues/recall campaigns. Pump out profits like they’re going out of style.

Customer receiving a notification about a car deal on a smartwatch.

A bad customer experience and low CSI scores are tanking your brand and causing your customer to ghost you.

If constant bad reviews and poor CSI scores make you want to crawl under a rock, it’s time to leverage Kimoby to act proactively to provide a phenomenal experience that’ll make customers go from meh to WOW! Boost your customer retention and score a higher CSI like a boss.

Customer submitting a satisfaction rating to the car dealership through Google

Wishing there was a way to eliminate end-of-day waiting lines? Stop fraud before it occurs? Get live payment insights and ditch the overnight deposit excel report?

Kimoby modernizes your checkout processes, protects your dealership and customers, and gives you the tools to put the pedal to the metal. Better checkouts mean a better bottom line.

Happy customer receiving car keys back after a successful appointment at a car dealership.

Employee turnover is high due to redundant and boring tasks. They feel like they're in a soul-sucking job.

Kimoby automates manual tasks so that you can assign advisors to more value-added work and make them happier in their jobs. Your team will even get more done, and increase the entire customer experience—even if you’re operating with a tight staff.

Employee working at a desk, sending multiple SMS messages and emails.

Feel as though your team’s lack of collaboration and internal communication is worse than herding cats?

Use Kimoby to centralize internal communications, get maximum visibility on operations, and win back time for high-value, high-profit tasks. Ease pressure on staff with more streamlined workflows.

Auto mechanic performing maintenance in a car dealership garage.

Stop your inspections from falling flat in customer approvals

Kimoby’s platform for car dealership service centers offers a level of transparency between your teams and customers that fosters trust and customer loyalty. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And multimedia files with Kimoby are worth their weight in gold.

SMS deign conversation featuring a video explaining a new repair for a car.

See the difference.
Then experience it.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your dealership’s current processes and how Kimoby’s two-way instant messaging can help.

See the difference. Then experience it

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your dealership’s current processes and how Kimoby’s two-way instant messaging can help.