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Kimoby's DES-Dealership Engagement System proudly introduces the product release "Monza Edition", addressing a pressing concern: 63% of Americans are unable to cover an unexpected $500 expense. This edition offers a one-click financing solution powered by Affirm.

With car prices on the rise, repair costs follow suit, now 20% higher.
Customers are faced with the dilemma of choosing between immediate costly fixes or delaying repairs, a decision that directly impacts dealership revenues.

Inspired by the high-speed precision of cities like Monza, known for their F1 circuits, the "Monza Edition" new feature launches reflect our dedication to confronting challenges with resilience and innovation, much like dealerships do every day.

One-click financing solution with Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) powered by Affirm

Each time you send an estimate to a customer or a mobile payment request, they will have the option to view and apply to pay over time with Affirm.
BNPL empowers you to secure approvals for expensive additional work by providing a seamless one-click financing solution to your customers directly integrated into Kimoby Pay - eliminating the need for another provider. Dealerships get paid right away and Affirm takes care of managing the rest.
As 67% of American dealerships express concern about a potential 2024 recession impacting their business, BNPL offers you a proactive strategy to encourage customers who usually declined because of timing or budget constraints, to proceed with suggested repairs, ultimately boosting your average Repair Order (RO) and bottom line.

BNPL Website

Automatically answer and reroute customer messages with Automated Replies

In your automation, such as the CSI one, you can now create automatic replies that fit each customer's response and redirect the conversation to the appropriate person if need be.
Just picture it: only customers who've already shown positive sentiments receive reminders to look out for the manufacturer email survey. With the understanding that one negative survey won't outweigh five positive ones, this new feature guarantees the best possible results and a clear advantage for dealerships, all without lifting a finger.
Appointment and maintenance reminder automation also benefit from the Automated Replies feature. With Automated Replies, your BDC team can devote their time to what truly matters – nurturing relationships and driving business growth.

Automated Replies Website

Saved line items and dashboard with Estimate Enhancements

Create a list of saved estimate items, reuse them and monitor the entire estimate report list.
Say goodbye to repetitive data entry and save time creating estimates – simply select items from your saved library and get your estimate automatically filled in with the right data.
But that's not all - Managers now have complete visibility over estimate status, from creation to acceptance or decline. Plus, you can follow up on which employee is upselling efficiently your customers. Less time spent searching and typing means more time dedicated to delivering exceptional service to your valued customers.
Estimate Lines Website

Retrieve RO and customer profile with VIN Scanning

Within the Kimoby mobile application, you can now scan the VIN in the search bar to instantly locate the correct Repair Order (RO) or customer profile.
Effortlessly attach data and files without the risk of manual errors, saving technicians valuable time.
VIN scanning website


"Kimoby's Dealership Engagement System has been utilizing AI for many years; it has been foundational to our solutions and will continue playing a significant role in our future. Unlike many technology companies that merely adopt AI buzzwords to follow trends, Kimoby is committed to implementing AI where it will truly impact dealerships."

- Every hard-working employee at Kimoby

Foolproof texts with AI-Text Improvement and Spellcheck

Your team can type messages on the go and with just one click, the AI-text improvement and spellcheck feature will transform them into polished, mistake-free messages ready to send to customers. This guarantees a professional appearance regardless of your team's grammar proficiency. With AI-powered text improvement and spellcheck directly integrated into every section of Kimoby, crafting clear and error-free messages is a breeze.
Foolproof text Website




Write-back Kimoby Pay transactions
in CDK Global

Every customer financial transaction, including the amount, payment method used, and payment closure will seamlessly sync with CDK's DMS. All that is left to do is to close the RO. This means no more costly human mistakes or nightmares for controllers when it comes to payments and reconciliations. Hundreds of transactions happen daily and $73 billion are processed in the service and parts department annually in the US, accuracy and efficiency are crucial for dealerships. By leveraging this partnership, you can have peace of mind knowing the payment flow is written back flawlessly in CDK.

New Tekion integration

Kimoby now integrates with Tekion to provide the same customer engagement and experiences to North American dealerships utilizing customer data, appointment data, RO data and work order status. Kimoby's commitment to excellence ensures smooth synchronization, covering all aspects of ongoing customer communications, automation, and interactions.



Instant customer reminders with Declined Work

Send personalized follow-up messages to customers who declined repairs. Using OP codes, the Declined Work feature automatically finds declined repairs and sends personalized messages to specific customers, based on the number of days you set for triggering the message. While many dealerships avoid this kind of message due to its cumbersome manual process, this feature revenue potential is undeniable. It demonstrates care for customer safety and directly impacts your dealership's bottom line, effortlessly enhancing customer relationships.

Declined Work Website

Real-time customer updates with Work in Progress

The Work in Progress automation will systematically send a customized message to customers, informing them that repairs are underway. This proactive communication eliminates the need to call the client, ensuring you meet CSI requirements while enhancing transparency and the overall customer experience. Additionally, it relieves service advisors from customer calls regarding the status of their vehicles, freeing up your team and telephone lines.

Work In progress Website (1)


Traditional fleet management can lead to hidden costs and inflated budgets. We've seen $3,000,000 fleet managed with an Excel spreadsheet.
Welcome to a new era of loaner and fleet management, digital contracts, and over-the-air (OTA) connectivity.
Interested in being one of the few dealerships joining our exclusive early access?
Book a meeting with our CRO, Alex Wojcik, and take part in building the future of fleet management.


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Mobile application
Find what you're looking for
A faster and more accurate search bar.
Avoid lengthy videos
Pause a video while recording.
Forgot something?
Attach a video to an RO after sending it to your customers.
Automation Reporting
Analyze your automation results
Select date range.
Go deeper
Customize your export's filtering.

When is the next "Monza Edition"?

We're planning 2 other significant releases in 2024, designed to address top dealership challenges and empower them to navigate the ever-changing landscape with precision and excellence while creating the best customer engagement experiences.

Fun fact: The Kimoby team crafted most of these solutions and developed this product launch website page in our own HQ meeting room, Monza, serving as a testament to our culture of speed and agility.

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