Kimoby Communications Platform

Effective communication and better teamwork happen together in one easy place.

Kimoby Communications Platform

Kimoby seamlessly integrates with your current management systems and tools

You work hard to gather valuable customer data into the management systems and tools you already use everyday. We make all this data readily available and fully actionable in Kimoby.

Existing Integrations

System Integrations

Automatically sync the data stored in your management system with Kimoby.

List Imports

Easy List Imports

Manually import your customer directory and appointment lists into Kimoby.

Kimoby API

Flexible API

Customize Kimoby to work exactly the way you want with our user-friendly API.

Customer Profiles

Get to know your customers better by gathering all their key information in one place. Kimoby makes it easy for you to import all customer information you already have into a single, consistent profile view, without the need to switch screens or log onto other applications.



Send automated messages and reminders specially tailored to each individual customer.

Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes

Create custom data attributes about your customers, based on your business rules and needs.

Customer Context

Immediate Context

Kimoby records all interactions and places customer information right at your fingertips.

Message Performance Metrics

Get a full graphical view of the metrics and messaging performance indicators that are most important to your business as well as live, in depth reporting on delivery results.

Message Delivery Results

Metrics and KPIs

Instantly view your top users, average response time, satisfaction rating and much more.

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics

Effectively measure your team's performance through a visually-rich metrics dashboard.

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Quickly evaluate where to focus your efforts to improve customer response and engagement.


Messaging Compliance

Kimoby was built from the ground up with respect of customers in mind. Compliance standards set by the law, industry standards, and wireless carriers are built in our communication platform — from legal disclaimers to automated opt-in and opt-out management. We provide continuous best practice advice, so that you can focus on building better relationships with your customers.

  • US Laws and Regulations

    US Federal Regulations

    Rules and guidelines set forth by FCC's TCPA for sending text messages are handled by Kimoby behind the scenes.

    Read about TCPA
  • Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

    Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

    All messages contain the unsubscribe mechanism mandated by CASL, and sender information required by CRTC regulations.

    Read about CASL
Messaging Compliance

User Management and monitoring

Create as many staff user accounts as you need. Manage all service staff's text conversations from one place and keep track of every user and every action.

Multi Accounts

Multi Accounts

One single app login enables you to seamlessly hop between multiple accounts.

Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions

You can choose whether to give users access to more advanced management features.

Activity Log

Activity Log

Monitor your team's performance in real time and review full conversation history.

User training and support

Kimoby comes with ongoing, dedicated technical support and comprehensive training centered around your staff's daily tasks and challenges.

Support Chat

Phone & In-App Support

Users get quick answers to technical questions from qualified experts.

Live Trainings

Live Trainings

Kimoby live trainings are free and presented on an ongoing basis.

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Help Center

Online Help Center

Simple articles aimed at helping you get the most out of Kimoby.

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