Satisfaction Management

Improve customer satisfaction and take control of your online reputation


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Collect timely, authentic, emotional feedback on what your customers think about your business and get actionable insights to improve satisfaction

Streamline personalized feedback requests via text message, after each customer visit to your business. Kimoby analyses feedback comments in real time, and turns them into clear visual insights that you can instantly act on. Automatically forward negative feedback to the most relevant staff, spot service issues as they arise, and proactively reach out to unhappy customers with speed and professionalism.

Ask your customers the right question at the right time.

Collect Feedback Workflow

Trigger feedback requests based on specific customer interactions and defined timeframes.

Feedback Request Schedule

Define specific week days and time range when feedback requests will be sent to customers.

Customer Data Integration

Streamline your customer feedback strategy and customize workflows to fit your team’s needs by connecting your existing management systems to Kimoby.

Customer follow-ups

Quickly highlight unhappy customers and potential service issues.

Open Ended Questions

Set campaigns to go out immediately or at a specific time in the future.

Text Analysis

Kimoby automatically sorts open text comments into positive and negative sentiments to help you prioritize and respond to your customer issues.

Smiley Scale

Measure customer satisfaction at a glance with sad and happy faces displayed as clear visual cues.

Achieve real business results and visible improvements in customer satisfaction.

Faster response time

Maximize customer convenience with less wait time and resolve issues proactively.

Higher productivity

Save hours of manual work, minimize errors and reduce no-shows to appointments.

Improved consistency

Improve consistency of communications across your staff and build customer trust.

Increase the number of positive public reviews by proactively monitoring your customer’s satisfaction levels

Streamline your customer review process by automatically sending review requests. Encourage them to easily review your business so that you attract more leads. Answer them in real-time and reply to reviews directly from the app. Manage and monitor your business’ image on social media from one single interface and improve your team’s collaboration.

Ask for reviews

Send request for reviews

Manually or automatically send requests for reviews to your customers and audiences from your desktop or mobile app.

Ask for rates and comments

Private reviews allow your customers to rate, on a scale from 1 to 10, how much they would recommend your business.

Collect reviews effortlessly

Collect more reviews on your Facebook and Google business pages. Increase the number of good public reviews by consistently monitoring private reviews and sending of public review requests to your happy customers.

Ask for reviews
Social media
Automate your review process

Automate your review process

Automatically send a review request

Send a review request automatically after a visit or a purchase. Optimize your process and increase the number of reviews you get for your business.

Increase the number of good public reviews

Automatically trigger the sending of a public Facebook or Google review request after a great private review. Increase the number of good online public reviews and improve your business online trustworthiness and authority.

Manage your reviews in real time

Add a note in a review

In the app, add notes to a review so that your team can follow up promptly.

Assign a review to a contact in your database

Make sure you link a review to a contact in your database so that you improve its quality and ensure that gather all the information you need about your audience in the app for further use. Identify your happy customers and turn them into brand advocates.

Manage your reviews in real time
Reply to reviews

Reply to reviews

Instant notifications

Get an instant notification when a review is posted and gain insight into what your customers say about your business. Find out what works and what doesn’t so that you can improve your company’s effectiveness and efficiency...and incite customers to come back for more!

Instantly reply to reviews directly in our app

Monitor and answer all of your social media reviews in one central interface. Reply to a specific Facebook or Google review by simply clicking on it and sending your answer.

Monitor and analyze reviews

Monitor reviews

Monitor reviews

Monitor and analyze all your social media and digital reviews from one single interface.

Analyze reviews

Analyze reviews

Sort and analyze your reviews by provider or by rating. Build groups with contacts with the highest reviews for further campaigns.


Benefit from a customizable solution

Customize your review page

Customize your review page sent from Kimoby and adjust the colors according to your branding specifications.


Translate incoming reviews and outgoing replies directly from Kimoby. Answer your customers in their preferred languages for a better customer experience.

Library of messages

Choose a message from the library of customizable message templates. Modify your thank you message to be sent after a review is given.

Benefit from a customizable solution

One single platform to better manage and monitor your online reviews

Monitor user permissions

Monitor user permissions

Choose who in your team can answer online reviews. Make sure reviews are assigned to the right staff member.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Kimoby’s review feature seamlessly integrates with Facebook and Google business pages.

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