Instant Messaging

Communication for the Now Economy

Instant Messaging

Manage all your customer conversations in one place

Support your customers, promptly answer their questions, and exchange various service-related information through text message or multimedia messaging. Deliver superior customer service, all in one easy interface designed for effective teamwork and seamless staff collaboration.

Provide faster answers and better support as a team.

  • Team Collaboration

    Team Collaboration

    Assign any customer conversation based on staff role, skills, and availability.

  • Internal Notes

    Internal Notes

    Internal staff communications and heads-up that remain invisible to the customer.

  • Instant Notifications

    Instant Notifications

    Be notified in real time for every customer interaction and new messages.


Hello! Your car.brand car.model car.year is ready for pickup 🔑😄

Hello Mary Elizabeth! Your Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 is ready for pickup 🔑😄

Timely and personalized one-on-one conversations.

  • Dynamic Content

    Dynamic Content

    Personalize messages with merge fields based on customer information and events.

  • Saved Replies

    Saved Replies

    Saved replies help staff respond to customer inquiries faster and with consistent professionalism.

  • Staff Signatures

    Staff Signatures

    Every message automatically includes the service staff's name for a local, casual touch.

You make the rules based on what you already know.

  • Rule-Based Workflows

    Rule-Based Workflows

    Create workflow rules that trigger messages based on customer information and events.

  • Customer Data Integration

    Customer Data Integration

    Make your customer data fully actionable in Kimoby by connecting your existing management systems.

  • Message Schedule

    Message Schedule

    Set specific week days and time range to dispatch automated messages.

Rules based on what you know

Quick Messages

Quick Messages

Message up to 10 specific contacts at once to gain speed and maintain consistency.

After Hours Autoresponders

After Hours Autoresponders

Let your customers know that you are closed but that you'll take care of them shortly.

Local Phone Number

Local Phone Number

Texting from a dedicated local number boosts customer awareness and trust.

Your customer information, your human touch.

Photos, Videos & Documents

Photos, Videos & Documents

Attach photos, videos, invoices, PDFs or any documents, with no file size limit.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Personalize messages with merge fields based on customer information and events.

Elizabeth - Sister's Closet: Hello Jasmine 👋, I was just thinking about you as these great ankle boots 👢 came in yesterday that I know you'll love.


Talk to your customers in their preferred language

Kimoby has a free translation feature to help you communicate in the native language of your customers.

  • Translate incoming messages from your customers

    Translate messages from your customers in the language of your choice, directly in the conversation interface.

  • Send messages to your customer
 in the language of your choice

    Write a message in the language of your choice, from a new message or any ongoing conversation, and translate it and send it to your customers.

Translation feature

Get all customer information and context, just when you need it.

  • View Customer Details

    View Customer Details

    View full customer profile and details at a glance without leaving the conversation screen.

  • View All Conversations

    View All Conversations

    View all customer conversations happening across your business, in one place.

  • Message History

    Message History

    All messages are automatically stored, made searchable and readily accessible to all staff.

Perfect for me but how long is it gonna take?We sure do Emma👌.How does next Tuesday 9am work for you?Emma: Thanks for the heads up.Got any spot early next week?11:51Emma Lawson(581) 834-2347302-633 rue Saint-Joseph,Quebec, QC, G1K 3C1,CanadaAddressMK29918CReference[email protected]Email(418) 234-3242Work Phone(418) 257-9453Home Phone(581) 834-2347Cell PhoneCONTACT INFORMATIONUnsubscribeEmma Lawson

Make your life easier by simply choosing
 from the automation library

Preset Automations

Preset Automations

Create automations by simply picking and customizing a preset automation from a selection available in the library.

Preset Messages

Preset Messages

Choose from a selection of preset messages available for each automation and simply customize it according to your needs.

Automated libraries

Track the performance of your automation strategy.

  • Automation Workflow Overview

    Automation Workflow Overview

    View all automation workflow details including number of automated messages sent today and number of customer replies.

  • Automated Message Performance

    Automated Message Performance

    Visual dashboard displays a clear overview of how every automated message is performing.

  • Message Delivery Information

    Message Delivery Information

    Track who received your automated messages, who replied, and view failed message deliveries.

  • Searchable Message History

    Searchable Message History

    View all previously sent automated messages and keep track of every follow-up action.

Group listsent todayAppointment reminder30response14statusActiveNext appointment in 1 dayLandlineYes!Yes, thanks for…ErrorNo response…Yes I’ll be there!Search for a message…140 messages sent30 responses

Streamline your entire appointment lifecycle and win the day

Preschedule and automatically send text message reminders that your customers can easily reply to for last minute inquiries or further instructions. Manage all your appointment confirmations, cancellations, and rescheduling in a single user-friendly interface, and get full visibility into your daily staff workload. Streamline the time-consuming customer callback process and let your frontline service staff focus on delivering a first-class customer experience that makes car maintenance enjoyable and simple.

Appointment confirmations

Appointment confirmations spark real conversations.

  • Confirm By Text

    Confirm By Text

    Customers simply text back a “Yes” or “No” to automatically confirm or cancel their appointment.

  • Open-Ended Responses

    Open-Ended Responses

    Handle more than Yes-No replies. Let customers confirm, cancel or reschedule in their own words.

  • Preset Messages

    Preset Messages

    Quickly respond to common questions or requests and avoid typos with professional message templates.

Full control and visibility into your daily activity schedule.

  • Appointment Lists

    Appointment Lists

    View all appointments and track attendance for any specific day.

  • Appointment Details

    Appointment Details

    View all appointment details, internal notes, customer profile and contact information.

  • Search & Filter Appointments

    Search & Filter Appointments

    Search and filter all appointments by attendance status and customer response.

  • Attendance Tracking

    Attendance Tracking

    View all appointments confirmed, cancelled, rescheduled, or awaiting confirmation.

No I’m out of …Yes!Yes, thanks for…No I won’t be …No response…Yes I’ll be there!Paul HessonService advisor2203User referenceFRepair order status163279ReferenceLube, Oil & FilterDescriptionFebruary 19 at 10:00 AMDateEventProfileNo responseRescheduledCanceledConfirmedBy appointment status(418) 895-9756Ellen Lee07:25 AM(581) 246-5963Nathaniel Howard01:03 PM(418) 723-3812Katharine Luna08:57 PM(418) 723-3812Ray Hamilton11:54 AM
Sync appointments automatically

Sync appointments automatically or book them manually.

  • Manual Scheduling

    Manual Scheduling

    Import appointments manually from any spreadsheet (Excel, CSV).

  • Create New Appointments

    Create New Appointments

    Manually create and schedule individual appointments directly within Kimoby using the built-in calendar.

  • Data Integration

    Data Integration

    Integrate your business data into Kimoby by connecting your existing management system.

Achieve real business results and visible improvements in customer satisfaction.

Faster response time

Maximize customer convenience with less wait time and resolve issues proactively.

Higher productivity

Save hours of manual work, minimize errors and reduce no-shows to appointments.

Improved consistency

Improve consistency of communications across your staff and build customer trust.

More time to better manage incoming calls

"With Kimoby, the conversation thread is more easily managed as conversations are shared. Everyone can see the answer and keep in touch with the tenants."

Maxime Aubry, Rentals coordinator


Results Results

Drastic reduction of the volume of outgoing calls

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