Text Conversations

Feature-rich texting and multimedia messaging for customer service heroes.

Text Conversations

Manage all your customer conversations in one place

Support your customers, promptly answer their questions, and exchange various service-related information through text message or multimedia messaging. Deliver superior customer service, all in one easy interface designed for effective teamwork and seamless staff collaboration.

Provide faster answers and better support as a team.

  • Team Collaboration

    Team Collaboration

    Assign any customer conversation based on staff role, skills, and availability.

  • Internal Notes

    Internal Notes

    Internal staff communications and heads-up that remain invisible to the customer.

  • Instant Notifications

    Instant Notifications

    Be notified in real time for every customer interaction and new messages.


Hello first.name! Your car.brand car.model car.year is ready for pickup ๐Ÿ”‘๐Ÿ˜„

Hello Mary Elizabeth! Your Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 is ready for pickup ๐Ÿ”‘๐Ÿ˜„

Timely and personalized one-on-one conversations.

  • Dynamic Content

    Dynamic Content

    Personalize messages with merge fields based on customer information and events.

  • Saved Replies

    Saved Replies

    Saved replies help staff respond to customer inquiries faster and with consistent professionalism.

  • Staff Signatures

    Staff Signatures

    Every message automatically includes the service staff's name for a local, casual touch.

Quick Messages

Quick Messages

Message up to 10 specific contacts at once to gain speed and maintain consistency.

After Hours Autoresponders

After Hours Autoresponders

Let your customers know that you are closed but that you'll take care of them shortly.

Local Phone Number

Local Phone Number

Texting from a dedicated local number boosts customer awareness and trust.

Communicate more clearly with images and videos.

Photos, Videos & Documents

Photos, Videos & Documents

Exchange photos, videos, invoices, PDFs, or any document, with no file size limit.

Cool Emojis

Cool Emojis

Emojis are fun and add a personal touch that makes your customers feel special.

Elizabeth - Sister's Closet: Hello Jasmine ๐Ÿ‘‹, I was just thinking about you as these great ankle boots ๐Ÿ‘ข came in yesterday that I know you'll love.


Talk to your customers in their preferred language

Kimoby has a free translation feature to help you communicate in the native language of your customers.

  • Translate incoming messages from your customers

    Translate messages from your customers in the language of your choice, directly in the conversation interface.

  • Send messages to your customerโ€จ in the language of your choice

    Write a message in the language of your choice, from a new message or any ongoing conversation, and translate it and send it to your customers.

Translation feature

Get all customer information and context, just when you need it.

  • View Customer Details

    View Customer Details

    View full customer profile and details at a glance without leaving the conversation screen.

  • View All Conversations

    View All Conversations

    View all customer conversations happening across your business, in one place.

  • Message History

    Message History

    All messages are automatically stored, made searchable and readily accessible to all staff.

Perfect for me but how long is it gonna take?We sure do Emma๐Ÿ‘Œ.How does next Tuesday 9am work for you?Emma: Thanks for the heads up.Got any spot early next week?11:51Emma Lawson(581) 834-2347302-633 rue Saint-Joseph,Quebec, QC, G1K 3C1,CanadaAddressMK29918CReference[email protected]Email(418) 234-3242Work Phone(418) 257-9453Home Phone(581) 834-2347Cell PhoneCONTACT INFORMATIONUnsubscribeEmma Lawson

Achieve real business results and visible improvements in customer satisfaction.

Faster response time

Maximize customer convenience with less wait time and resolve issues proactively.

Higher productivity

Save hours of manual work, minimize errors and reduce no-shows to appointments.

Improved consistency

Improve consistency of communications across your staff and build customer trust.

Time to focus on what you do best

"Our department saves several hours each week and it helps us deliver a better customer service experience. We have more time to do our jobs right."

Dave Longo, Former Service Manager

Volvo Villa

Results Results

Improved customer satisfaction by 20%

One unified communications platform to connect with your customers

Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

Automatically sync customer data between Kimoby and the tools you already use.

Rich Customer Profiles

Rich Customer Profiles

Import all customer information you already have into a single, consistent profile view.

Simple User Management

Simple User Management

Create multiple accounts, edit staff details, assign roles and monitor all activity.

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