Automated Messages

Triggered text messages based on rules, timeframes, and customer activity.

Automated Messages

Put your business data to work by creating automations that make it easy to follow up with your customers.

Reach the right customers with the right information at the right time. Work smarter by automating repetitive communication tasks, such as order confirmations, service updates, reminders, approval requests, review and payment requests, and friendly follow-ups. Make time to focus on more meaningful conversations with your customers.

You make the rules based on what you already know.

  • Rule-Based Workflows

    Rule-Based Workflows

    Create workflow rules that trigger messages based on customer information and events.

  • Customer Data Integration

    Customer Data Integration

    Make your customer data fully actionable in Kimoby by connecting your existing management systems.

  • Message Schedule

    Message Schedule

    Set specific week days and time range to dispatch automated messages.

Rules based on what you know

Your customer information, your human touch.

Photos, Videos & Documents

Photos, Videos & Documents

Attach photos, videos, invoices, PDFs or any documents, with no file size limit.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Personalize messages with merge fields based on customer information and events.

Elizabeth - Sister's Closet: Hello Jasmine 👋, I was just thinking about you as these great ankle boots 👢 came in yesterday that I know you'll love;


Make your life easier by simply choosing
 from the automation library

Preset Automations

Preset Automations

Create automations by simply picking and customizing a preset automation from a selection available in the library.

Preset Messages

Preset Messages

Choose from a selection of preset messages available for each automation and simply customize it according to your needs.

Automated libraries
Every message is an opportunity to grow your business

Every message is an opportunity to grow your business.

  • Customer Replies

    Customer Replies

    View and manage all customer replies in one place.

  • Staff Based Reply Assignment

    Staff Based Reply Assignments

    Automatically assign customer replies to a specific team member.

  • Instant

    Instant Notifications

    Alert the right staff members about customer replies, through email or browser notification.

Track the performance of your automation strategy.

  • Automation Workflow Overview

    Automation Workflow Overview

    View all automation workflow details including number of automated messages sent today and number of customer replies.

  • Automated Message Performance

    Automated Message Performance

    Visual dashboard displays a clear overview of how every automated message is performing.

  • Message Delivery Information

    Message Delivery Information

    Track who received your automated messages, who replied, and view failed message deliveries.

  • Searchable Message History

    Searchable Message History

    View all previously sent automated messages and keep track of every follow-up action.

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Achieve real business results and visible improvements in team efficiency.

Improve consistency

Consistency helps your customers better understand what your business has to offer.

Build customer loyalty

Ensure that customers think of you first when they're in need of your products or services.

Save time and money

By automating repetitive tasks, you can stay focused on building profitable relationships.

More time to focus on making customers happy

"Our department saves several hours each week and it helps us deliver a better customer service experience. We have more time to do our jobs right."

Dave Longo, Former Service Manager

Volvo Villa

Results Results

Improved customer satisfaction by 20%

One unified communications platform to connect better with your customers

Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

Automatically sync customer data between Kimoby and the tools you already use.

Rich Customer Profiles

Rich Customer Profiles

Import all customer information you already have into a single, consistent profile view.

Simple User Management

Simple User Management

Create multiple accounts, edit staff details, assign roles and monitor all activity.

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