Saving 700 monthly phone calls by automating appointment confirmations

Silver Star Mercedes-Benz provides a fast and personalized approach with their appointment automations


"Kimoby is customizable, flexible and the team always goes above and beyond"

- Sebastien Vanier, Operations Manager,
  Silver Star Mercedes-Benz


The Success Story

Automating appointment confirmations to save time and make more money

With +100 appointments booked each day, sending reminders and appointment confirmations to customers was pure chaos. Staff couldn’t get a clear picture of what the day was going to look like and managers couldn’t be proactive to optimize everyone’s schedules. By automating these tasks, Silver Star Mercedes-Benz saves approximately 700 monthly phone calls and gets back over 30 hours to dedicate to its loyal clientele.

Sending customized messages their customers love

Located in a bilingual and multicultural city, it was important for Silver Star Mercedes-Benz to address their customers in their preferred language. With Kimoby, they can synchronize the information from their DMS and automatically adapt their messages for each customer.

Providing a straightforward and easy-to-use platform for the service team

Silver Star Mercedes-Benz was using a platform that was unintuitive, archaic, and had a steep learning curve. The team also stumbled to retrieve past customer conversations. When they made the switch to Kimoby, the staff immediately adopted the new platform and appreciates how easy to use it is. 

Increase appointment bookings the easy way