PBS Systems Integration

PBS Systems partners with Kimoby to help you easily communicate with your customers via text message from a laptop or mobile phone.


PBS Systems

PBS works in conjunction with companies to help deliver services to our joint customers. PBS has developed a formal partner program to ensure that any data requirements are handled in a timely and professional manner.


PBS systems

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United States and Canada


Automotive dealerships



Turn your PBS DMS data into helpful conversations with customers

Kimoby seamlessly integrates with your PBS management system to enable you to send automated appointment reminders, work progress updates and service follow-ups specially tailored to your individual customers and their vehicles - all through text message.

  • Quickly respond to general information and service quote requests.
  • Exchange photos, videos and PDFs to speed up the job approval process.
  • Set up preset messages to increase upsell opportunities.
  • Automate your repetitive tasks and reduce appointment no-shows.
  • Keep customers well-informed throughout the repair process.
  • Send maintenance reminders for brake inspection, tire rotation, oil change etc.

How does it work?

PBS software sends data to Kimoby, Kimoby sends text to your customers and receives text messages from your customers




What data is synced?

Customer profile updates

Customer profile updates

All changes made to customer profiles in PBS are automatically synced with Kimoby platform to update profiles in near real-time.

Service appointment extracts

Service appointment extracts

Appointments created in PBS every day are made available in Kimoby to view, send text reminders and track attendance.

Repair order extracts

Repair order extracts

Kimoby receives open and close repair orders daily, enabling you to trigger automated messages after specific events.

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