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How did Brian Jessel BMW in Vancouver reduce no-shows and improve customer communications?

BMW Brian Jessel

The Client

Known for its thousands of loyal customers, committed staff, and thriving sales, service and pre-owned departments, Brian Jessel BMW is now one of Vancouver’s most recognized brands.

Brian Jessel BMW built its reputation on customer service. Brian explains the continuing business model: “Always do the right thing for your customer. They might walk away from one car, but they’ll come back for 10 more in their lifetime.


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Brian Jessel BMW's Challenges

Brian Jessel was aiming to reduce no-shows and reaching out to more customers faster

As with many dealerships, no-shows were a major challenge. Their customer team used to spend two days calling 200 customers just to confirm their appointments. The team was literally spending days on the phone and sending tons of emails trying to contact customers for appointment confirmations.

The dealer was looking for a texting solution to match customer preferences

Brian Jessel was well aware that his customers were “keener on using texting than phone or emails,” says Jack Lai, Fixed Operations Manager at Brian Jessel. They were conscious that people were not answering emails during the day and were waiting to be home or on a break.

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Our service team used to spend two days reaching out to 200 customers. With Kimoby they now achieve that in half a day.

Jack Lai, Fixed Operations Manager
Brian Jessel BMW
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The support we get from Kimoby is amazing. Our Customer Success Manager has been supporting us from day one and she is amazing.

Jack Lai, Fixed Operations Manager
Brian Jessel BMW
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Kimoby uses the latest technologies. The translation feature is amazing! You don’t see a lot of technology companies reinventing themselves that way.

Jack Lai, Fixed Operations Manager
Brian Jessel BMW

The benefits of using Kimoby

Customer appointment follow-ups made easy

Kimoby helped Brian Jessel get a 60% answer rate from appointment reminders within the first months. 

Since we’ve been using Kimoby, our show rate has increased,” says Jack Lai.

More time to focus on customers

Because they use Kimoby’s automated appointment reminders, a lot of manual work is removed thanks to our certified Reynolds & Reynolds integration. The service team now spends less time trying reaching out to customers on the phone. Saving time allows the service team to free up many hours so they can focus on valuable tasks and take care of customers.

Improved customer experience

Text messaging is the preferred communication channel of almost all Brian Jessel’s customers: on average, 90% of their customers text with the dealer. This is a record number! “Our customers are keen on texting. They check their messages at any time of day,” Jack says. “With emails, it’s very different. You check them at lunchtime or back home; the answers don’t come as fast.

Improved conversion rate

Brian Jessel is getting a 25% higher customer conversion rate when sending targeted campaigns with Kimoby compared to when they sent emails. By using the appropriate keywords and properly targeting their clients, they get better results now than before, thanks to Kimoby.

Main reasons why Brian Jessel chose Kimoby

  • Kimoby eases communication with customers, offering a two-way conversation
  • Kimoby offers targeted campaign functionality to reach more customers simultaneously
  • Kimoby seamlessly integrated with Reynolds to send messages for appointment confirmations and RO follow-ups

What they achieved

  • Reduced by one quarter the time spent reaching out to customers for appointment confirmations
  • Reduced customer phone call volume and response time
  • Improved customer conversion rate by 25% on campaigns
  • Offered a better way to communicate with customers at a higher rate

The Solutions

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Triggered text messages based on workflow rules and customer activity.

Instant Marketing

Instant Marketing

Dynamic customer segmentation and personalized text message campaigns.
Satisfaction Management

Satisfaction Management

Automated customer feedback via text and real-time sentiment analysis.


CDK Global Approved Interface
Reynolds and Reynolds Certified
Serti Integration

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