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Hold Kimoby software in the palm of your hand. Get your system functionalities straight to your mobile.

Kimoby App

Manage the Kimoby platform from anywhere you are directly from your mobile.

Kimoby App allows you to manage your conversations, customer profiles, appointments and all of your accounts. You can also take pictures and videos to upload directly in your text message and send as links to your customers.

Conversations Live Chat


Quickly respond to your customer's questions from your mobile device.

Increase customer retention and sales by sending comprehensive videos in a timely and effective manner

Send informative videos to your customers that have been taken with your mobile device. Improve your approval process by sending inspection videos by text message. Conduct diagnostics by video and quickly share them with your customers.

Send inspection and diagnostic videos

  • Send videos

    Send videos

    Manually send inspection or diagnostic videos to your customers from your desktop or mobile app.

  • Ask for quick approvals

    Ask for quick approvals

    Accelerate your approval processes and reduce idle times.

Send inspection and diagnostic videos
Send virtual visit videos

Send virtual visit videos

  • From physical to virtual tours

    From physical to virtual tours

    Help your leads and yourself save time and money by sending them video tours for sites, facilities and homes.

  • Improve your processes

    Improve your processes

    Increase your online sales and business efficiency by sending product or videos of your facilities to many leads at the same time.

Send introduction videos

  • Prepare your audience

    Prepare your audience

    Let your customers and patients know who will take care of them by recording and sending a short video explaining a special procedure.

  • Inform your public

    Inform your public

    Send informative videos to your customers and employees to let them know about a new safety procedure.

Send introduction videos

Reduce chances of disputes and improve customer satisfaction

Reduce unnecessary disputes

Reduce unnecessary disputes

Record videos of walk-around inspections before providing a service or renting a good or premise. Reduce unjustified complaints and keep customer satisfaction levels high.

Add transparency to your relationship

Add transparency to your relationship

Offer your customers the convenience and transparency of personal advice and diagnostics made with videos.

Building trust with our customers

"Whenever we send a text that includes a video, we never receive less than a 9 out of 10 on the CSI score."

Brad Mund, Director of Fixed Operations

Wheaton Chevrolet Ltd.

Results Results

Customers who receive a video never rate less than a 9 out of 10


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    Can I send pictures and videos from my library?

    Yes, you can send any document, including pictures, videos and files. Take a picture or video directly from your mobile device and tablet and send it to your customer.

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    Do I need an access to Kimoby to login the app?

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    How much does the app costs?

    The app is free! You can download it now from the App Store or Google Play.

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    If I send text messages from the app, will that affect my text message limit with my phone carrier?

    No, it will not affect your SMS limit. In fact, you are sending the messages with your Kimoby’s company phone number.

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    Does the app require an Internet connection?

    Yes, it requires a connection to Internet.

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    Will it use the available data on my mobile device?

    Yes, unless you are connected to the wifi service.

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    What can I access from the mobile app?

    Your conversations, customer profiles, appointments and all of your accounts related to your email.

    You can send messages, write internal notes and tag other users, send payment requests, view a customer’s activity, etc.

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    Will it use my personal cell phone number or email?

    No, as long as you stay in the Kimoby app, it will not use your personal phone number or email.

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    Will I have access to my different accounts from the app?

    Yes. You can easily switch from one account to another.

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    What happens if I force quit the app?

    Force quitting the app will simply close the app. You will remain logged in your current session.

Download the app now

Download the app now

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