Adopting a Secure, Flexible and Non-disruptive Mobile Payment Solution with Kimoby Pay

Globally, more and more people are choosing mobile payments as their preferred transaction method. The current health crisis has amplified this phenomenon, forcing businesses to revise the way they conduct their operations. Whether you are a car dealership, bike shop, pet shop or other type of retail business, practicing safe physical distancing in these difficult times is a must to protect both staff and customers.

In this context, you can offer your customers to pay with their mobile devices; this can all be set up using a text messaging platform, like Kimoby. By sending payment requests by text message to your customers, you give them the option to pay from wherever they are without any contact with terminals or cash.

Key takeaways from this webinar

You’ll learn how to set up mobile payment with Kimoby Pay. We will discuss:

  • How to leverage mobile payment in your payment processes
  • The benefits of Kimoby Pay
  • Examples of text messages
  • Choose the right Kimoby Pay option for your needs

This webinar is a must for any business that wants to implement a flexible mobile payment solution without impacting its current infrastructure and processes.

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