Fleet by BEEM

Fleet by BEEM partners with Kimoby to help you better manage your loaner vehicle returns with helpful conversations with your customers

Fleet by BEEM

Fleet by BEEM

Fleet by BEEM is an automated loaner car software that helps car dealers better manage their loaner car department. Fleet helps dealers reduce their loaner expenses, track their assets in real-time and manage contracts in a single platform while enhancing the customer experience.


Fleet by BEEM







Better manage your loaner vehicle returns with helpful conversations with your customers

Fleet by BEEM seamlessly integrates with Kimoby to enable you to automatically send notifications to your customers—all through text message.

  • Set up preset notification messages
  • Keep customers well-informed throughout the loan process
  • Communicate with your customers and set up the right expectations with them

Kimoby will help you

Automate the sending of text messages

With our Automated Messages add-on, put your business data to work by creating automations that make it easy to follow up with your customers.

Manage your customer conversation in one place

Support your customers, promptly answer their questions and set their expectations before charging for any additional late fees through text message.

Manage customer conversations in a collaborative way

Employees can collaborate, tag other users and write internal notes directly in a conversation with a customer.

Talk to your customers in their preferred languages

Kimoby has a free translation feature to help you communicate in the native language of your customers.

How does Fleet by BEEM work?

How does Fleet by BEEM work?

Make sure your staff user base is well-trained and well-supported

Kimoby comes with dedicated and continued technical customer support and comprehensive and ongoing training, centered around your staff's daily tasks and challenges. Get the most out of our texting platform to leave a positive impact on productivity and customer retention you’re striving for.

Time to resolve
 a support issue

~ 7 minutes time to resolve a support issue

Proactive touchbase calls

90-day proactive touchbase calls

9 time zones covered

9 time zones covered in North America

User training and support

Support Chat

Phone & In-App Support

Users get quick answers to technical questions from qualified experts.

[email protected]
Live Trainings

Live Trainings

Kimoby live trainings are free and presented on an ongoing basis.

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Help Center

Online Help Center

Simple articles aimed at helping you get the most out of Kimoby.

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