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Health crisis

It’s a tough time for everyone with the health crisis caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

In North America and other areas around the world, governments are taking unprecedented measures to mitigate the impact of the virus: non-essential businesses are closing their doors, people are encouraged to stay home and work remotely when possible, legislation is being put into place so that people avoid visiting their elderly loved ones, and much more.

It’s important for us, during this current emergency situation, to support all essential service businesses and help teams communicate and collaborate faster, better and more efficiently. Our goal is to help you to:

  • Reach out and recruit temporary and contractual staff
  • Manage delivery schedules and delivery drivers
  • Provide contactless mobile payments
  • Quickly execute operations
  • Help teams better collaborate for improved efficiency

Kimoby offers a smart text and multimedia messaging platform to assist businesses and organizations in instantly communicating with their audiences and better collaboration with their teams.

Kimoby partners with you to actively contribute to keeping your operations up and running in this critical time.

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Kimoby is here to support you!

Over the past few days, Kimoby has already helped many businesses to communicate quickly and effectively to their customers, partners and employees about how they are managing the health crisis caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

These businesses can send targeted and informative information to groups or individuals by text message.
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