Kimoby is certified as a Great Place to Work!

In 2021, Kimoby is officially recognized as a Great Place to Work! 97% of employees agree with the statement, “Taking everything into account, I would say that Kimoby is a great place to work.”
The company goes above and beyond in providing a stimulating, fun, and fair workplace that inspires its staff and leaders to continue bringing their best selves to their everyday tasks.

What exactly is a Great Place to Work?

The Great Place to Work Trust Index measures the levels of trust in the workplace by focusing on five key categories: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie. In other words, it is a workplace where “employees trust the people they work for, have pride in the work they do and enjoy the people with whom they work.”

How does Kimoby achieve employee satisfaction?

1. We have values that actually mean something

Kimoby’s values weren’t pulled out of thin air. After four years, we surveyed the team to find out what values they thought best represented the company. The values that we ended up choosing help shape how we work, think, and interact with each other and clients.

2. We develop and offer a quality product we’re proud of

Everything we do is about quality over quantity. We take the time we need to deliver a product that will stand the test of time and be easy to update (I’m looking at you, reusable code). Our product is our pride and joy, and we care about delivering features that matter to our customers (no unnecessary bells and whistles, please).

“We prefer taking more time to work on something and do it well than rush it and have to do it all over again after some time. When developing something new, we want to launch it flawlessly.” - Philippe, Web Developer

3. Our employees’ contributions matter

Working at Kimoby is fulfilling because the work that you do makes a difference. If you work in the back-end, the code that you developed this morning could be live the following day. If you’re in the Marketing department, your newsletter idea can take off without the need to cut through red tape. We trust you.

“Each member of the team has different skills and knowledge that they excel in. We collaborate and use each other’s expertise to design a better product.” - Simon, Web Developer

4. We offer flexibility

Part of our team works in the Quebec City office, and the rest of the team works remotely from different parts of the country. Depending on your schedule, you can adapt your working hours to get enough sleep or pick up the kids at school. We understand that you have a life beyond Kimoby, and we want you to have a healthy work-life balance.

5. We’re focused on innovation

Since its beginnings, Kimoby has relied on the power of hard work and imagination rather than unsustainable monetary investments. We continuously challenge ourselves to find solutions under constraints to stimulate creativity, innovation, and personal development.

“At Kimoby, we try to get the most out of our resources so we can continue innovating and testing new ideas. Trying to be creative and effective in everything we do helps us go beyond our personal limits.” - Marjorie, User Marketing

6. We build genuine relationships

We care about our clients, and we also care about each other. Even though part of the team works remotely, we get everyone together at least four times a year for our quarterly meetings and to have fun. We’re into go-karting, escape rooms, cooking classes, and more!

7. We invest in people

We believe in our employees’ potential and we want to help them grow. When people are happy at work, feel appreciated, and valued, it becomes easy to tackle difficult challenges. We want work to be a source of passion for our employees, not just a daily grind to clock in and out. When work is fun and motivating, the rest comes easy. Psst! We offer some pretty good benefits too.

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