Quorum XSellerator Integration

Kimoby’s integration with Quorum enables users to join thousands of dealerships leveraging the benefits of an expert communication and mobile payment solution.

Quorum Xsellerator

Quorum XSellerator

Quorum XSellerator™ is a Dealership Management System that automates, integrates and streamlines key processes across departments in a dealership, and emphasizes revenue generation and customer satisfaction.




United States and Canada


Automotive dealerships



Turn your XSellerator software data into a powerful marketing and customer service tool

Kimoby seamlessly integrates with your XSellerator management system to enable you to send mobile payment requests, create effective marketing campaigns, send CSI review requests, automate appointment reminders, and more. Leverage the resources at your fingertips to improve customer service and streamline internal processes.

  • Send payment requests by instant message and empower your customers to pay whenever, wherever they are.
  • Send automated marketing campaigns to target customers with relevant offers and boost revenue opportunities.
  • Automatically request CSI reviews to take control of your reputation and attract new clients.
  • Automatically send appointment reminders to decrease your no-show rate.
  • Communicate directly with clients through instant message notifications. Improve customer satisfaction through quick and personal service, and waste less time waiting for callbacks.
  • And more!

How does it work?

Quorum XSellerator sends data to Kimoby that can be inserted in your messages and even have them triggered automatically.




What data is synced?

Customer profile updates

Customer profile updates

All changes made to customer profiles in XSellerator are automatically synced with Kimoby's platform to update profiles in near real-time.

Service appointment extracts

Service appointment extracts

Appointments created in XSellerator every day are made available in Kimoby to view, send text reminders and track attendance.

Repair order extracts

Repair order extracts

Kimoby receives open and close repair orders daily, enabling you to trigger automated messages after specific events.

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