Hunter Integration

Kimoby partners with Hunter Engineering Company to help you automatically send inspection reports to your customers via text message.

Hunter Engineering Company

Hunter Engineering Company

Since 1946, Hunter Engineering Company has built a reputation for innovation and visionary leadership in the application of the newest technologies to automotive under-car services. The company provides systems to help dealerships with related vehicle operations, such as vehicle inspections.


Inspection Systems


United States and Canada




Turn your data from Hunter’s inspection systems into helpful conversations with customers

Kimoby seamlessly integrates with your Hunter equipment to enable you to automatically send inspection reports to your customers about their vehicles—all through text message.

How does it work?

Hunter systems generate a report after each inspection. The request message for this operation contains the VIN of the customer’s vehicle.

Kimoby pulls data in real-time from Hunter’s equipment and matches the VIN in the report with the customer VIN in our database.

Kimoby automatically sends the inspection report to your customer as a link in a text message.



How does Hunter work?

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Set up preset messages to increase upselling opportunities

Pick from a library of text message templates the message you want to use for your automation workflow. Create your own text message or customize any existing one to suit your needs.

Set up preset messages
 Keep customers well-informed

Keep customers well-informed throughout the repair process

Automatically trigger the sending of an inspection report via text message after an inspection has been completed. Decide on your triggering rules according to your internal business processes.

Send a report as a link for more transparency

Make it easy for your customers to consult their vehicle inspection reports.

Send a report as a link for more transparency
Answer your customers’ questions

Answer your customers’ questions

Assign replies from your customers to the person in charge within your team. Make it easy for your staff members to collaborate by adding notes directly in the conversations.

Improve your contact experience today

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