Hop-Drop Integration

Hop-Drop integrates with Kimoby to help you save time and eliminate valet vehicle pick-up and delivery status calls by sending automated ETA texts to customers.



Make your valet vehicle pick-up and delivery efficient by automating booking, driver dispatch, and customer communication.


Canada and United States





How does Hop-Drop work?


How does the integration work?

When a valet trip is created in Hop-Drop, valet customers automatically receive a text from Kimoby with a link to a live map so that they can track the driver’s location, see the ETA, and reply back if they have questions.



Reduce the number of incoming phone calls

By sending automated text messages when a valet trip is created, you will lower the number of incoming phone calls while providing your customers with a more enjoyable and convenient experience.

Provide faster answers and better support

Offer your valet customers the opportunity to text you if they have any questions or concerns. Get notified instantly for every new message in order to answer promptly.

Collaborate with your team by assigning any customer conversation to a specific staff member based on their role, skills, and availability.

Collect feedback with automated text messages

Send an automated text message to your customers after a valet trip is completed to request feedback. By streamlining your requests, you will gain the insights you need to improve your customer experience.

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