CDK Global Integration

CDK Global partners with Kimoby to help you achieve better communications.

CDK Global Approved Interface

CDK Global Partner Program

The CDK Global Partner Program is the only CDK-approved method of accessing CDK Global data. The program also aims at creating a more secure environment for your dealership while maintaining data integrity.


CDK Drive


United States and Canada


Automotive dealerships


Get all the information and context you need to engage your customers

Interact with your customers through texting and multimedia messaging to increase service continuity. Make more informed decisions with complete visibility over all their conversations with your dealership and their profile information brought together in one convenient place.

Automate your repetitive communications and reduce no-shows

Save time spent calling customers with automated appointment reminders that ask them to confirm their attendance. Bring them back with service reminders triggered by time or estimated mileage. Streamline timely and personalized notifications that keep them informed throughout the repair process.

Make customer feedback a part of your daily operations

Give customers a quick and easy way to let your team know how satisfied they are after each service appointment. Kimoby automatically turns open text feedback into a clear visual representation and highlights customer emotions hidden in comments, in a way that is easy to understand and act on.

Secure and reliable integration with your management system

Kimoby seamlessly integrates with your CDK Drive dealer management system, enabling you to send automated messages specially tailored to your individual customers and their vehicles.

Customer profile updates

Customer profile updates

All changes made to customer profiles in CDK Global are automatically synced with Kimoby platform to update profiles in near real-time.

Service appointment extracts

Service appointment extracts

Appointments created in CDK Global every day are made available in Kimoby to view, send text reminders and track attendance.

Repair order extracts

Repair order extracts

Kimoby receives open and close repair orders daily, enabling you to trigger automated messages after specific events.

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