Exploring the Main Challenges of the Seniors Housing Industry

The seniors housing industry is facing a deep transformation. To survive in this highly competitive market, the most successful facilities will be the ones able to solve the major challenges of the industry as well as the early adopters that focus on delivering the next-generation services and a stellar customer experience.

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Communicate timely information

Communicating quickly and efficiently with your staff, your clients and their families can make all the difference in managing a crisis situation. It is unfortunately usual that an assisted-living facility has to deal with a viral epidemic, such as cold, flu, gastroenteritis or crises like the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the time, infections can be limited to a single floor or, in worst cases, to an entire building. In any case, the first goal is to protect residents and authorized staff.

Reach out to people quickly and efficiently

This means that families can be asked to keep a distance and have no physical contact with their loved ones for a period of time. The fastest and most efficient way to reach out to the residents’ families wherever they are is by text messaging. While both emails and phone calls have poor performance levels with respect to reach—due to either low open rates or response rates—sending text messages to family members ensures that urgent messages are quickly sent and read. It is important that families are reached and informed as soon as new information or protocols impacting residents or their families are changed or updated.

Keep the lines of communication open

In the event of a major crisis, it is crucial for both residents and their families that the lines of communication are kept open. Forced physical isolation and social distancing can be difficult for everyone. In these types of situations, text messaging can facilitate communications. Make sure residents regularly speak and digitally see their family members by booking video conferences. Video conference appointments and confirmations can be easily made through text messaging as long as you can make a mobile device available for your residents or their in-facility caregivers to run the meeting.

Kimoby can help you send targeted messages with a link to an online booking calendar for a group of individuals so they can easily book a time slot that is most convenient for them.

Manage your online reputation and attract new residents

The decision to put a loved one in a senior care facility is not an easy one for a family. Autonomous seniors do their own research for their retirement homes and will select their future homes very carefully. Other seniors require the help of their families for choosing their next homes. In either case, your facility’s reputation will be the key factor in their decision process.

A seniors care facility’s reputation depends on three major pillars. First, people will explore your facility itself, such as where it is located, green spaces and the surrounding area. Then, they will want to know the range of services you offer to your residents. Finally, potential clients will want to learn more about your staff, their skill levels, diligence and the high-quality care they provide to residents. These three criteria establish the basis of a facility’s reputation that is conveyed by your actual residents and their families, staff, partners, suppliers and community.

People often look for references and recommendations from their networks when it comes to choosing service providers— and senior homes are no exception. That is why monitoring your online reputation is critical. Having many great positive reviews on your reputation’s three pillars, whether on your Google account and Facebook business page, can help you stand out from your competition and attract new residents.

Kimoby can help you manage and increase your positive online reviews by sending review requests by text message to your satisfied clients.

Accelerate and simplify service payments

When services are performed in a seniors residence or an assisted-living facility, there are different ways of charging for them. A monthly invoice can be sent to the clients, their family members, or legal representatives that lists the services received during the past month. Another way is to send an invoice after each service is rendered. In both cases, the invoice can be sent by mail, email or text message.

In order to send payment requests quickly and collect the money as quickly as possible, sending payment requests by text message not only simplifies and accelerates the payment process for your operations but also offers your clients or their families the convenience to pay from their phones wherever they are. By offering mobile payments to your clients, you can streamline your payment operations without having to modify your payment infrastructure.

Kimoby offers a secure and non-disruptive mobile payment solution that helps speed up payments and streamline payment processes.

Recruit and retain both healthcare and office staff

One of the biggest challenges seniors care facilities are facing and will be facing for the next years is recruiting and retaining qualified employees. The staffing issues at private care facilities have long been a problem. This huge challenge has a major impact on operations. For example, we have unfortunately witnessed the impact of a lack of employees in some residences during the COVID-19 crisis that has created horrific conditions leading to human tragedies.

There are many ways to keep your staff in charge of care happy and productive, including offering a wide range of benefits, competitive pay, staff-friendly schedules, and great communication tools for better collaboration.

For your office staff, you can provide team members with high-performance tools to make their work lives easier by automating and simplifying their daily communication tasks. More productive employees means more satisfied employees. That’s where Kimoby can help.

Our platform can help your office staff save time by automating daily routine tasks for payment requests, appointments confirmations and follow-ups, and notifications about new health protocols through texting and multimedia messaging. Help both your healthcare and front-desk staff better communicate with your residents and their families.

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Simplify bookings

Whether you have autonomous or assisted clients, you probably offer them a wide variety of services ranging, such as from a hairdresser, massage therapist, esthetician, dentist, doctor, therapist, orthopaedist and many more. Making sure that your clients attend their appointments will help you improve your operations and reduce the impacts of no-shows.

Kimoby can help you manage your appointment reminders and confirmations. Streamline the time-consuming customer callback process and let your frontline service staff focus on delivering a first-class customer experience.

Improve team collaboration

Make your staff’s life easier by enabling them better to communicate and collaborate. Give them the opportunity to add internal notes in a resident’s text message to exchange relevant information. For example, think of a receptionist who is having an ongoing conversation with the family of a resident with special care needs. The family is inquiring about her health. The receptionist can simply tag the nurse on the patient’s floor and ask her the question directly from the conversation. All the receptionist has to do is add an internal note to which the nurse can reply. The receptionist can then follow up with the family and provide the proper answer.

With Kimoby, all the conversations and notes are kept in the system forever so you can keep track of inquiries and answers. By answering directly in the conversation about a specific resident, there is no risk of mistaking a patient for another. Help your teams better communicate in one easy-to-use interface designed for effective teamwork and seamless staff collaboration. Furthermore, staff collaboration allows for additional time to be spent on more value-added tasks.

Text Messaging for Retirement Homes and Assisted-living Facilities

Did you know that seniors, families and healthcare professionals can benefit from text messaging to improve communications during the current COVID-19 crisis and keep people safe?

Text and Multimedia Messaging

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