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As baby boomers reach their golden years and many start moving into retirement homes, the seniors housing industry is on the cusp of a deep transformation. The competition in senior housing is intensifying, leading senior housing facilities to explore new ways of operating their business to improve their profitability and attract new clients. This is compounded by a lack of skilled labour, which makes it crucial to retain qualified staff. To succeed as the market shifts, seniors housing facilities have to focus on delivering the next-generation services and a stellar customer experience.

Find out how business text messaging can help solve many of your challenges.

Facilitate communications between colleagues, residents and family members

How can you benefit from the Kimoby platform?

Whatever the kind of senior housing facility you manage, from retirement homes, retirement communities, residential and long-term care centres to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, supportive housing and life lease housing and co-operative housing, Kimoby can help you streamline communication between your teams and your clients and families. Our platform will help you both improve your profitability and reputation.

What’s more: there are no binding contracts.
Furthermore, there is no setup fee and no contracts.

Front office and back office staff

Help your office staff to streamline operations and offer high-quality services to both residents and family members.

Kimoby can help you:

General manager

Whatever the size of your facilities, Kimoby platform can help you improve your KPIs.

Kimoby can help you:

  • Improve staff collaboration and reduce miscommunications with in-app notes and tags.
  • Boost your global team productivity with text conversations directly added to a patient ongoing conversation.
  • Increase your revenue with targeted campaigns for specific services.
  • Improve your communications with your clients and their families with two-way text conversations for faster approvals and quicker information sharing.
  • Improve your client satisfaction with satisfaction follow-up campaigns.
  • Enhance your online reputation with positive reviews.
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Kimoby overview

Kimoby is a cloud-based communication and customer engagement platform that helps seniors’ residences and assisted-living facilities of all sizes instantly connect with their residents and their families through texting and multimedia messaging.

100% personalized

100% personalized

Configure the platform according to your business needs and use the data you have on hand to personalize communications with your residents and their families. Offer highly customized information and offers that resonate.

A collaborative tool

A collaborative tool

Kimoby gathers all the conversations with your audiences in one easy interface designed for effective teamwork and seamless staff collaboration.

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