Exploring the Main Challenges of Human Resources Management

Human resources can be extremely complex and caused by many factors, including the structure of the human resources department itself (whether it is centralized, decentralized or mixed) and the fact that business environments are fertile grounds for varying emotions, ambitions, lifestyles, demographic and socio-cultural differences, etc.

In addition, people don’t all work at the same location, or on the same shift, making collaboration and understanding difficult. Employees often don’t have access to the same communication tools within the companies they work for.

This leads to major communication challenges for human resources teams to streamline communications with employees across the board.

Adding texting to a business’ internal processes improves communications between colleagues and increases employees’ feedback, which will, in turn, enhance the overall employee experience as well as impact engagement and turnover. Let’s find out how text messaging can help human resources challenges.

Are you facing any of these challenges?

Employee engagement and retention

Engaging with employees and getting feedback from them is valuable to employers. Whether it is to take the pulse of a work environment after a specific event or simply for regular touch points, it is relevant for a business to gather feedback from employees and other stakeholders no matter where they are located.

Monitoring employee happiness and satisfaction at work is a legitimate concern for companies that are looking to retain people in hypercompetitive markets where qualified employees are harder to find. Many factors can have an impact on employees’ joy at work. When comes the time for a company to be acquired by another, in the event of an incident or accident directly impacting employees, in the case of the departure of a key team member, a reorganization or any other event, monitoring the level of employee satisfaction is very important.

Our web-based communication platform helps connect with individuals and teams through texting and multimedia messaging. Support your employees, promptly answer their questions, and exchange various work-related information through text message or multimedia messaging. Deliver superior communication, all in one easy interface designed for effective teamwork and seamless staff collaboration.

Communicate repetitively with deskless employees

Mobile technology has changed the way people work. Google has estimated that 80% of the global workforce (approximately 3 billion) works out of the office There are people in the field, on show floors, on the road or in plants; they often don’t have access to a computer. Furthermore, shift workers may work outside regular hours in a warehouse or a factory. They may not work on the same work schedule as their human resources colleagues.

What is the best way to remind them of their upcoming training or upcoming weekly schedule? How can human resources departments get feedback on employees’ engagement levels? Communicating with deskless employees is indeed a challenge. However, with our text messaging platform, human resources teams and management can quickly send the right information to the right people, no matter where they are. Some examples of information that can be texted to employees include: their weekly shift schedules, reminders to complete their timesheets, etc.

Communicate timely messages

The first time-sensitive text message anyone will think about is an emergency message. In some emergency situations, succeeding in communicating quickly to a wide audience can be critical. However, text messages are not just about emergencies. Text messages may be appropriate to make corporate announcement or reaching out to as many staff members as possible so that the message can cascade down to off-site teams.

How can companies communicate time-sensitive information? How can they reach out to employees to share timely information? Is there an easy way that a human resources team share the latest video message from the company’s CEO? What is the best way to remind employees about the specific benefits they have?

With our platform, you can reach the right employee with the right information at the right time. That way, you can easily automate the sending of messages based on employee information and events.

Training reminders

Planning training sessions can be challenging. When it comes to planning training schedules, following up and sending reminders with deskless employees, partners or contractors, it can be highly time-consuming to ensure all participants get the required information on time.

Kimoby’s platform will streamline the cumbersome callback process and let your staff focus on other more value-added tasks. Our web-based platform allows you to schedule and automatically send text message reminders that your recipients can easily reply to for last minute inquiries or further instructions. You can manage all your appointment confirmations, cancellations, and rescheduling in a single, user-friendly interface.

Communicate with freelancers and contractors

Today, freelancers represent more than 34% of the US workforce, according to Freelancers Union. Together with contractors, they represent an additional workforce for your organization. They interact closely with your employees and are a part of your processes. In case they are unsatisfied with the way things work in your organization, they may spread the word externally before you even hear about it. They may decide to stop freelancing and look for a job position. You don’t want to lose the opportunity to hire them if they are a right fit for your company. For these reasons, keeping in touch with them and getting feedback from them is very important, albeit challenging.

Our platform helps you create automated messages and send relevant information to your contractors and freelancers. You can notify them of important news, send them invites to internal happenings, offer details on new job positions, or just send them friendly follow-ups.

Bilateral feedback

Training plays an important role in the success of a company. Whether for in-house training or a session given by a third party, gathering feedback from trainees is critical. It helps to monitor participants’ overall satisfaction, helps to improve content, and gives useful insights to trainers so they can adjust or review both their messages and approaches.

Our platform helps streamline feedback requests via text message. You can configure a sequence of messages to remote employees or simply get feedback from a training session.

Kimoby analyses feedback comments in real time and turns them into clear visual insights that you can instantly act on. Automatically forward negative feedback to the most relevant staff, spot issues as they arise, and proactively reach out to unhappy employees with speed and professionalism.

Text and Multimedia Messaging for Human Resources Management

Kimoby helps human resources teams better engage with employees, gather more feedback and better communicate timely information.

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