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Kimoby: An award-winning HR technology platform

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The job market is quickly evolving. The number of remote employees is increasing, forcing businesses to adapt their model to better suit having employees in multiple locations. With turnover rates also on the rise, quickly reaching out to potential candidates to fill vacant positions and increasing employee engagement have never seemed so relevant. Human resources need the right tools to adapt and keep staff levels optimal. Find out how business text messaging can help solve your most pressing HR issues.

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Whatever your role or the size of your organization, Kimoby will help you streamline communications between your department and employees, partners, and contractors. Rely on Kimoby to improve your overall efficiency. What’s more, there is no binding contracts.

Human resources managers

Reducing turnover and keeping employees happy are your main goals. Kimoby can help you:


Reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks to save more time and focus on finding the perfect candidate for each position. Kimoby can help you:

Team supervisors

Whether you have an in-office or remote workforce, your goal is to keep everyone well-informed and ensure you have the right tools to help you manage your team. Kimoby can help you:

  • Simplify your scheduling management by filling and rescheduling shifts with targeted campaigns
  • Improve employee engagement and reduce turnovers by surveying your team and collecting constructive feedback with satisfaction follow-ups
  • Share important announcements and emergency messages with targeted campaigns
  • Improve training and increase the attendance of special events thanks to appointment reminders

Training managers

Confirming and sending reminders for training probably takes up more of your time than you would like. Whether you train coworkers, members of your association or users, Kimoby can help you:

  • Increase the attendance of special events with appointment reminders
  • Send the right invitation, to the right audience with targeted campaigns to promote training sessions
  • Receive constructive feedback by surveying your attendees' satisfaction levels with satisfaction follow-ups
  • Monitor your online reputation by sending automated review requests

Kimoby at a glance

Kimoby is a cloud-based communication and customer engagement platform that helps human resources departments of all sizes instantly connect with their employees through texting and multimedia messaging.

100% personalized

100% personalized

Parameter the platform as per your company needs and use the information you hold on your audience to send it personalized messages.

A collaborative tool

A collaborative tool

Kimoby gathers all the conversations with your audience in one easy interface designed for effective teamwork and seamless staff collaboration.

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