Exploring the Main Challenges of Bike Shops

Fierce competition and low profit margins are some of the challenges bicycle retailers are facing. To compete and survive, bike shops need to provide a positive customer experience.

Let's take on your challenges together

Manage your online reputation and attract new customers

Attract new customers

Increase in-store and online traffic by making sure your bike shop receives positive online reviews and referrals.

Increase the number of online positive reviews

Send automated messages after a bike repair or an in-store purchase and monitor the responses to increase the amount of positive online reviews.

Act quickly on negative reviews

Get instantly notified about any negative reviews so you can act upon them quickly to limit the damages.

Kimoby can help you manage and increase your positive online reviews by sending review requests by text message to your satisfied clients.

Enhance communications with your customers

Save time by choosing a quick communication channel

Avoid wasting valuable time by having to play phone tag. Accommodate your customers by offering an accessible and undisruptive two-way communication channel.

Communicate more clearly

Send photos and videos to your customers during maintenance or when ordering special parts to share precise information and avoid any ambiguity.

Support your customers, promptly answer their questions, and exchange various service-related information through text message or multimedia messaging.

Generate more store traffic

Send relevant offers

Are your promotions reaching the right people? Make sure they are by sending targeted messages based on your customers’ past purchases and behavior. Send seasonal promotions and let your customers know when new gear has arrived!

Improve recall management

Keep your customers informed and safe by communicating recalls in a timely manner. Send automated targeted messages to save time and avoid phone calls.

Kimoby can help you send targeted messages to a group of customers based on their preferences and past activities.

Improve operational efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks

Free your staff of repetitive tasks and keep your customers in the loop by automating repetitive communication operations based on sales, work orders, specials orders, and quotes. Send alerts to let customers know their bikes are ready for pick-up.

Receive quick responses

Reduce idle time during repairs or when ordering special parts by receiving quick answers and approvals from your customers.

Spread the workload

Send automated maintenance reminders to your customers so you can spread the workload during busier seasons.

Our platform can help your staff save time by automating its daily routine tasks for payment requests, appointment confirmations and follow-ups, notifications through texting and multimedia messaging.

Upgrade appointment bookings

Streamline your appointment lifecycle

Enhance the appointment management cycle for sales consultations, bike fittings, and repairs by sending automated appointment confirmations, cancellations, and rescheduling with through text messages.

Reduce no-shows

Improve your store’s profitability by sending automated appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and decrease mechanic idle time.

Less time on the phone

Save time by eliminating repetitive phone calls for scheduling appointments. Offer your customers the convenience to schedule their drop off time.

Kimoby can help you manage your appointment reminders and confirmations. Streamline the time-consuming customer callback process and let your frontline service staff focus on delivering a first-class customer experience.

Accelerate payment processes

Automate payment requests

Send automatic payment requests in ongoing text conversations to give your customers the convenience of paying for their orders and repairs with their mobile phones.

Centralize your payment processes

Make it easier for your customers and your staff to exchange quotes, invoices and receipts. Keep everything localized in one centralized platform.

Eliminate lineups

Give your customers the opportunity to pay for their invoices remotely to reduce in-store waiting times.

Kimoby offers a secure and non disruptive mobile payment solution that helps speed up payments and streamline payment processes.

Improve team collaboration

Keep track of all communications

Don’t lose any valuable information regarding sent and received messages from all your team members.

Tag your teammates in conversations

Collaborate with your team by assigning any conversation to another teammate based on their role, skills or availability.

With Kimoby, all the conversations and notes are kept in the system forever so that you can keep track of all inquiries and answers. Help your teams better communicate in one easy interface designed for effective and seamless staff collaboration. Furthermore, text messaging enables your staff to be more productive and frees up time so that employees can work on more value-added tasks.

Text and Multimedia Messaging

Kimoby helps property managers increase their profitability and productivity by improving the communications between their staff and their audiences. Are you ready to improve your profitability?