Exploring the Main Challenges of Automotive Industry

Today, the automotive industry is going through a deep transformation. Despite an increase in vehicles sales, intensified competition has forced dealerships to diversify their sources of income, including after sales services.

To grow their service revenues, many dealerships are deploying marketing efforts. They are using mail and email to remind customers of their scheduled appointments and offer them seasonal services and part campaigns. However, the expectations of customers have changed. Because we are in a world where digital and mobile technologies are everywhere, customers expect instant communications and transparency from their dealerships.

Because of these shifts, dealerships today are facing major challenges.

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Recall management

According to recent statistics, automakers have recalled, on an annual basis, an average of 15 million vehicles. In the event of a recall, OEMs and dealers make every effort to contact their customers to get their recall repairs completed. Recalls are taken seriously because apart from the reputation of the car makers, the main concern is about customer safety.

The way OEMs and dealers manage recalls has a significant impact on their brand image and the way they are perceived by the public. A recall is truly successful when the central focus is on the customer experience. The better the customer experience, the more seamless the recall will be. This means a transparent communication with customers to keep them informed and happy through the whole recall process.

With our platform, you can reach the right customers with the right information at the right time. You can easily automate how messages are sent based on customer information and events.

More time for higher customer satisfaction

How did McClure Honda boost its CSI and improve customer engagement?

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Customer churn

Acquiring a new customer costs five times more than retaining an existing one. Because of this, automakers and dealerships are deploying substantial efforts on improving their customer experience. Most dealerships are aware that they need to offer high-quality customer service based on transparent communication with their customers to get them back for aftermarket services. By offering a better customer experience, dealers will keep their customers happy and loyal.

Our web-based communication platform helps dealerships instantly connect with their customers through texting and multimedia messaging. Support your customers, promptly answer their questions, and exchange various service-related information through text message or multimedia messaging. Deliver superior customer service—all in one easy interface designed for effective teamwork and seamless staff collaboration.

More time for better customer care

How did Vancouver’s Clarkdale Volkswagen improve both their efficiency and customer retention?

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Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

Tightly linked to customer retention is the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). The CSI is an attempt to measure the satisfaction level of customers toward a brand and its services. The happier customers are, the more loyal they will be. Although OEMs are the ones calculating CSI, dealers send satisfaction follow-ups to their clients. By gathering their feedback before OEMs do, dealerships have the opportunity to collect timely, authentic, emotional feedback on what their customers think about their business as well as get actionable insights to improve satisfaction.

Our platform helps dealerships streamline personalized feedback requests via text message, after each customer visit. Kimoby analyses feedback in real time, and turns them into clear visual insights that you can instantly act on. You can automatically forward negative feedback to the most relevant staff, spot service issues as they arise, and proactively reach out to unhappy customers with speed and professionalism.

Collecting customer feedback made easy

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Absorption rate

The absorption rate is one of the most used key performance indicators in a dealership. This ratio indicates how productively the dealership is recovering its costs. The higher the rate, the more profitable the dealership is. For this reason, most service and fixed operations departments are focusing on making upsells and capturing more of the service business. Prior to offering proper support to your customers, you will need to gather more relevant information on them. To build a relevant offer for your customer, you’d better know that there is an open recall on his or her vehicle or that your customer declined a service offer during a previous appointment.

Our platform helps bring together everything you know about your customers to build campaigns that are relevant to them. Use the information your customers give you to send them personalized offers that resonate. Cross-sell and upsell them with tailored product recommendations, based on their interests and past purchases. Notify them of new product arrivals, hot deals, and seasonal specials. Spark engagement, increase traffic, and boost your revenue the smart way.

"We've seen a 27% increase in service traffic and revenues $10,000 higher than average after sending targeted offers through text."

Brian Bontje, Service Manager

Acura Pickering

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No-show management

No-shows have a significant impact on service departments’ profitability. When customers miss appointments, there is one missing car in your shop; your mechanic’s idle time increases while expected revenue decreases. In order to reduce no-shows, you should proactively confirm their appointments. And in the event that customers miss their appointments, you can contact them back right away to reschedule a new one and make sure the business opportunity doesn’t disappear.

Because dealerships know that appointment confirmation is a must, they have dedicated resources working on calling and emailing customers. But is this the most successful way of confirming appointments?

The Kimoby platform will streamline the time-consuming customer callback process and let your frontline service staff focus on delivering a first-class customer experience that makes car maintenance enjoyable and simple. Our web-based platform allows you to reschedule appointments and automatically send text message reminders that your customers can easily reply to for last minute inquiries or further instructions. You can therefore manage all of your appointment confirmations, cancellations, and rescheduling in a single, user-friendly interface as well as get full visibility into your staff’s daily workload.

Easier and faster outreach for better customer engagement

How did Brian Jessel BMW in Vancouver reduce no-shows and improve customer communications?

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After-hours pickups

Vehicle pickups at the end of the day can often be synonymous to service personnel being overwhelmed at checkout. It also requires that service employees are working in the evening in order to offer a better customer experience to your customers.

Kimoby Pay will keep your payment operations fast, streamlined and secure. You can request payments from ongoing text conversations:your customers will have the convenience to pay from their mobile phones. This will help reduce the end-of-day bottlenecks at the checkout and will provide your customers with a great customer’s experience.

"It is easier now, for our customers, to do business with Clarkdale Volkswagen as we offer them a cashier free mobile checkout option."

Chris Lane, Operations Manager

Clarkdale Volkswagen

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Digitalizing dealerships

Automotive manufacturers are well aware that digitalization of the dealerships is a must; many of them requiring their dealers to comply with such requirements.

Whether its text conversations, automated messages, appointment reminders, satisfaction follow-ups, targeted campaigns or payments, our web-based platform can help you carry out all types of marketing, sales and customer service initiatives.

You work hard to gather valuable customer data in the management systems and tools you already use every day. We make all this data readily available and fully actionable in Kimoby.

Aging parts and inventory

Inventory management is a key challenge for parts departments. They are struggling to keep the inventory at the right level for their business, but that is not an easy game to play!

On one hand, you order parts and the customer never comes back to buy them. Because parts are sitting on the shelves, you want to make sure that appointments are scheduled as soon as you receive a special order.

On the other hand, parts are aging; you don’t want to keep old and useless parts in inventory. That’s time for focused promotional campaigns!

With our platform, you can easily spark engagement, increase traffic, and boost your revenues the smart way.

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