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Rich Communication Features
& Powerful Automated Text Messaging Workflows

Engage Customers Quickly and Efficiently

Built around team collaboration

Easily manage hundreds of conversations by assigning them to individual team members and archive past conversations.

Never Miss a Customer’s Reply

With browser notifications, email notifications, and an app that updates in real time, never miss an important reply from your customer.

Provide Yourself with Preset Messages

Be more productive by creating personalized preset messages for your most commonly used replies. You can also send images!

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Customer-Based Strategy

Work with Your Existing Data

You already have all the information you need to reach your customer, and you have already personalized your communication. Easily import everything into Kimoby!

Track your customer’s activities

Kimoby keeps track of the notes, appointments, campaigns, and messages related to the customer in each individual profile.

Simple Unsubscribe Action

Some people will not want to receive your SMS. No problem; unsubscribe them from the service, to comply with Law C-28, in one simple step.

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Easily Manage Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

Ask for Appointment Confirmations

Kimoby helps you improve your appointment attendance rate and save time. Automate SMS appointment reminders, and ask your customers to confirm their appointment, so you can easily track all customer statuses in one single place.

Manage Mobile and Landline Phones

You can manually change the confirmation status of those who do not have a mobile phone. Manage all your appointment confirmations, including those of customers without mobile phones, in a single application.

Import Your Appointments

Use the data you already have; import appointments from your management system, or use one of our integration procedures.

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Send a Message to a Group

Create Your Campaigns Easily

Sending an SMS campaign is very simple: create a group, write your message, and then send it!

Build Massive Segmented Groups

Segment your customers, based on their profile’s various parameters, to build groups for your campaigns.

Watch Your Results and Keep a history

Know exactly who received your campaign, who replied to your message, which phone number could not be reached, and who unsubscribed. Each campaign will have a notification history, in order to keep track of changes.

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Communicate Via Text Messages Effortlessly

Immediately Respond to Important Situations

Kimoby automatically analyzes your clients’ responses for any sign of dissatisfaction. When it is detected, you are notified of the situation. That way, you can resolve problems as soon as they arise.

Automatically Send Follow-up Messages

Automate follow-up messages after appointments, to make sure that your customers are always satisfied with your service.

Make Your Text Message Personal

Using automated messages does not mean it must sound robotic. Personalize your message for each of your customers with custom fields.

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Fast & Simple Integration.
Nothing to Install, Period.

Kimoby is a cloud-based application that is easily accessible through any web browser. Nothing to install on your desktop computer. No configuration required. It's that simple.

Just login to
Sms Business app software nothing install cloud web application browser
Sms Business app software nothing install cloud web application browser
Customer's phone
Sms Business app software nothing install cloud web application browser

Anti-Spam Compliance

SMS, like emails, are part of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law. Ensure you respect the law while using Kimoby. Learn more by visiting the CRTC website.

Read the legislation


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Certified DMS Integration Partnership

Kimoby has developed strong certified partnerships with all major dealership management systems providers including CDK Global, Reynolds and Reynolds, PBS, Auto/Mate, Autosoft and Dealertrack. As a trusted partner, Kimoby strives to make your life easier through seamless and highly secure DMS data integration.