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Status updates

Boost trust and efficiency with status updates

Keeping your customers informed isn't just good service—it's good business. With text message status updates, you can foster trust and transparency by keeping customers updated throughout the repair process. But the benefits aren't just for customers, this also streamlines your operations. Seeking fast approvals for additional repairs? Want to finalize payments before customers arrive? Implement our three recommendations to make the entire repair process smoother, faster, and more efficient. 

1. Report repair progress

Boost your CSI scores and save your customers some worry by sending general progress updates. Send an automated text message to update customers on their car repair status - a nudge that says, "We're on it." It's a simple yet game-changing move to keep customers informed during the repair process.

2. Capture & share videos

Capturing and sharing videos through Kimoby isn't just about fostering transparency and trust. It's about offering your customers an unparalleled experience that sets you apart. Whether it's a general walkaround or a detailed video of additional repairs, providing this level of visual information puts your customers at ease, making them feel involved and valued every step of the way.

Walkaround videos

Give your customers a view of their car during the repair process to boost transparency, foster customer trust and provide valuable updates. This level of high customer service often leads to repeat business, as customers appreciate the open communication. Here is an example: 

Walkaround video

Additional repair videos

When additional repairs are needed, a video can make all the difference. In fact, customers are 3x more likely to approve a repair when they see a video. Receiving a video through a text message eliminates the need for a phone call. This convenience contributes to faster approvals for any additional repairs. This level of transparency helps customers feel informed and valued, not fooled, and it helps justify the service work, enhancing overall trust.

3. Provide estimates

Are you tired of time-consuming back-and-forths when you need a repair approval? Solve this by sending estimates directly to the customer's phone. Create clear, professional estimates right in the app. These estimates, especially when paired with a video, help customers understand what the repair involves. Customers can approve or refuse individual repairs, making the entire approval process faster and more efficient.

4. Repair completion notices, invoices & payment requests

To wrap up the repair process, we recommend sending automated text messages to notify when a customer’s vehicle is ready paired with an invoice and payment request to fast track the checkout process.

Send vehicle is ready notifications

Imagine the time you’ll save by sending an automated message to your customers advising them that their car is ready. This direct line of communication means customers are promptly notified when their vehicle is ready, adding another layer of convenience to their experience.

Send invoices & payment requests

But we're not stopping there. Speed up your checkout process by sending invoices and payment requests directly through Kimoby. With this approach, your customers can settle their bills even before setting foot in the dealership, a convenience they'll undoubtedly appreciate.

Not only does it streamline your checkout operations, it also significantly reduces end-of-day queues, fraud issues and ensures you offer a more enjoyable experience for both your team and customers.

Volvo, Jaguar & Land Rover Waterloo managed to drastically slash waiting times and provide a safe, reliable, and flexible payment method to their customers. Check out how they did it in the video.
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