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Streamline your appointment management

Turn your appointment processes into a well-oiled machine that reduces no-shows and connects you with customers instantly. Your customers will value the quick notifications, and your team will appreciate the convenience. Here are three simple and effective automations we recommend you add to enhance your appointment workflow.

1. Confirm appointments

Start your appointment workflow by automatically confirming appointments as soon as they’re booked. This way, your customers will receive an immediate text message right on their mobile phones including the appointment details, such as the date and time. This handy confirmation can be referred back to at any time, reducing confusion and improving the overall experience.

2. Send appointment reminders

Next, send an automated reminder to your customers the day before an appointment to significantly reduce no-shows and give your customers a chance to reschedule if they can't make it at the designated time date and time.

This proactive move not only safeguards against potential revenue loss from unclaimed slots, but also frees up your team. They gain 2-3 extra hours each daily to focus on impactful tasks, instead of having to make phone calls.

Take it from Toyota & Honda of Seattle who service hundreds of cars each day. With this automation alone, they’ve reclaimed over 160 hours per month – equivalent to an additional full-time employee! 


3. Notify about missed appointments

Missed appointments don't have to mean lost revenue. An automated message sent two hours after a missed appointment can help keep your dealership at the forefront of your customer's mind and provide a quick, convenient way for them to reschedule.

Up next: check-ins

With your appointment workflow now smoothly automated, you've reduced no-shows and phone calls. But why stop there? Enhance your pre-repair efficiency by introducing advisors through text for direct customer communication, and centralize your damage reporting from inspections.
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See the difference. Then experience it

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