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The Problem

With 30 to 50 daily appointments, the Seaway-based General Motors service department can’t afford to waste a minute. They must optimize their time in order to offer the best service to their customers. Before implementing Kimoby, they mostly used phone calls and emails to reach their customers. The frequent amount of calls made daily, combined with the average length of a call (3-5 minutes), meant technical advisors were constantly busy. The service department also used a smartphone to text their customers, but the process was inefficient and not very professional; the department texted their customers less than once a week, and had no quality control when it came to the messages that were being sent. However, they believed text messages, if used properly, would provide superior communication. For them, SMS was the obvious solution. "We knew that was the direction our business needed to go in." affirmed Mark Brown, Service Manager at Seaway GM. With the right tool, they knew they could breathe new life into their communication process.

The Solution

Seaway GM heard about Kimoby from another car dealership. After setting up a quick free demo with our team, they chose to utilize Kimoby’s services, as it was a simple communication platform that the entire team could connect to. The service is easier to manage, and more professional than the previous process they would utilize to communicate. Every member of the service department received a 15-minute training session with a Kimoby customer success employee, all taking place over a phone call. Mr. Brown appreciated the method Kimoby implemented, stating that they "got all the information they needed to make it work from day one."

Another reason Seaway GM chose Kimoby was the ability to automate segments of their communication process. This was made possible by integrating Kimoby’s services directly into their DMS (Dealer Management System). Instead of calling each customer to confirm their appointment, an automated SMS was sent:“Hello, John Smith. Don’t forget your appointment on 04/30/2015 at 11:00 AM at Seaway GM. Please confirm by answering Yes or No. Thank you. 613-933-3000.” This automated process reduces the number of calls made by the service department, and makes certain that communication is effectively completed on a daily basis. There are no more worries, as the automation guarantees the customers will be reached, no matter how busy the staff is.

Seaway GM also created an automated message that is sent to their customers the day after their appointments. It’s a simple follow-up that helps ensure the customers are fully satisfied with their visit at the service department. “Thank you, John Smith, for your recent visit at Seaway GM. Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact your advisor Mark Brown if you have any questions regarding your last appointment. 613-933-3000.” This certifies that the customer will be able to properly communicate problems or worries before the manufacturer sends out surveys. Meaning that, if there is any problem with their recent visit, they can immediately contact the service manager to correct any problems or complaints.

"We now have more time to do our jobs right."

Mark Brown, Service Manager

Seaway Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC, Cornwall

The Result

Just a few weeks into their implementation of Kimoby, the Seaway GMteam could already see how SMS communication was positively impacting their everyday work.“Kimoby does a lot more things than we expected,” says Mark Brown. They now use it daily to reach their customers for estimates, scheduling, repair authorizations, follow-ups, small updates, appointment confirmations, etc. The team also noted that the customers are happy with this new process, as SMS communication is less intrusive than phone calls.

The automated appointment confirmation, sent by SMS, has improved Seaway GM’s customer attendance rate; thus ensuring less time is wasted. Also, due to the automated follow-up after the appointment, their CSI (Customer Service Index) has seen more positive responses, thus better scores.

By replacing their phone calls with text messaging (SMS), the service manager estimates that his department saves several hours of time each week. All this saved time helps Seaway GM provide a better customer service experience. "We now have more time to do our jobs right," says Mark Brown.

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