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HGrégoire Hyundai Vaudreuil Vaudreuil, QC

HGrégoire Hyundai Vaudreuil


Vaudreuil, QC, Canada


Automotive dealerships


The Problem

Andrew Meyer, Manager of the Vaudreuil-based Hyundai dealership, wanted to reduce call volume in the most efficient manner possible. He tried working with emails, but found that the time it took for both the email to be sent, and for the customer to reply, was far too impractical for his tastes. Why email? It was an effective tool at implicating the customer by making them confirm the reception of the message. However, the response time was often too long, due to customers not always having access to their computer. He also wanted to improve his daily appointment attendance rate. Mr. Meyer was looking for an additional communication tool that would make his team’s relations with their customers something of utmost speed and simplicity.

The Solution

It was through a live training called “Hyundai excellence meeting”, that Mr. Meyer heard about Kimoby. He then asked for a demo of the web application. What interested him the most about SMS (Short Message Service) was that it is instantaneous, and that it involves a written confirmation; much like an email. Kimoby’s service was clearly the solution to Mr. Meyer’s problem. Kimoby’s implementation at Hyundai Vaudreuil was swift and trouble-free. Once the integration of Kimoby with the car dealership’s DMS was complete, Kimoby’s Customer Success Team took care of training all of Hyundai Vaudreuil service team and provided them with the adequate material so they could use the application to its full potential. The car dealership has been using Kimoby since February 2015. They appreciated the application’s ease of use, and began their journey towards more effective communication quickly.

"It’s fast and profitable for the whole team."

Andrew Meyer, Service Manager

HGrégoire Hyundai Vaudreuil, Vaudreuil, QC

The Result

According to Andrew Meyer, what makes Kimoby his tool of choice is the speed with which he can contact, and be contacted, by his clients. “Not having to wait hours for an answer, or expect that your customer reads his emails, is profitable for the whole team.” Since using Kimoby, the attendance rate for his daily appointments has also improved. He attributes this to the fact that a text message involves a written confirmation: “since most of us keep our cell phone close all day long, the odds of a customer forgetting his appointment are slim, and it’s no surprise to obtain nearly immediate replies from them”.

The automatic appointment confirmations and follow-up messages sent after the customers’ appointments drastically reduced the volume of incoming calls at the car dealership. Also, many of Kimoby’s features provide assistance with daily tasks, such as the option to have a preset message, or effortlessly finding customer information. Access to these benefits has not only allowed the Hyundai Vaudreuil team to be more productive, but has saved them a great deal of time.

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