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How did Vancouver’s Clarkdale Volkswagen improve both their efficiency and customer retention?

Clarkdale Volkswagen

Who they are

Clarkdale Volkswagen is a trusted dealer of Volkswagen products, services and vehicles. In addition to offering a wide range of new and high-quality preowned vehicles, Clarkdale Volkswagen seeks to give their customers more for their money. Their goal is to provide their clients with outstanding service and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Vancouver, BC, Canada


Automotive dealerships




Customer since

June 2017

What challenges was Clarkdale facing?

It was difficult to reach out to customers for appointments

As is the case for many businesses, Clarkdale would call every customer the day before to confirm appointments. This added up to 50 calls per day with a contact success of 15% on the first attempt and messages being left 75% of the time.

The receptionist was struggling to find out who had left a message and why

Most customers don’t always listen to the entire message and call back without knowing why the dealership had tried to reach out to them. Customers were calling back without saying why they had been called. The receptionist would then struggle to find out why the customer had called. When she finally found out that it was for a service appointment, she had to try to connect to the busy appointment manager, who was also trying to reach out to customers to confirm their appointments.

Clarkdale was looking for a texting tool tailored to their needs

Clarkdale had a texting solution in place, but they were not happy with it. They were looking for a software solution integrated with CDK to send messages and open repair orders (R.O.) that would bring more value to their business.

"With Kimoby, our appointment people have more time to take care of our customers by personalizing their approach with customized follow-ups. For example, they can call to tell them they are due for maintenance that they declined the last time."

Chris Lane - Operations Manager

Clarkdale Volkswagen

What they used

Appointment Reminders

Automated reminders and attendance confirmations via text message.

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Kimoby Pay

Payment requests and cashier-free mobile checkout via text message.

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What they achieved

  • Increased customer outreach by a factor of five
  • Reduced the volume and response time of customer phone calls
  • Improved service profitability by cutting overhead
  • Improved customer satisfaction for after-hours pickups
  • Globally improved customer retention

"With Kimoby, our appointment people now reach out to eighty percent of our customers on the first attempt and they answer in five minutes. Before Kimoby, they were only reaching out to fifteen percent of them."

Chris Lane - Operations Manager

Clarkdale Volkswagen

Main reasons why Clarkdale Volkswagen chose Kimoby

  • Kimoby seamlessly integrated with CDK to send messages for appointment confirmations and RO follow-ups
  • Kimoby Pay is convenient for both the dealership and its customers

The benefits of using Kimoby

Customer appointment follow-ups made easy

Kimoby has helped Clarkdale reach out to their customers more quickly and efficiently. It has allowed them to reach out to 80% of their customers on the first attempt versus 15% before. Furthermore, they received an answer from their customers in less than five minutes.

More time to focus on customers

By using the appointment reminders feature, appointment people spend less time trying to reach out to their customers, giving them more time to provide high-quality, personalized customer service.

Additionally, with Kimoby Pay, “payment is more convenient for the store,” says Chris Lane. “It’s easy to use, send the invoice and get the payment, so when the customer comes in, you just have to take care of him. It’s all about customer service when they are there. It really eases and improves the payment process and customer experience.”

Increased customer experience

“The car industry is usually old-fashioned, so people appreciate the fact that they use a modern tool to do business with us,” says Chris Lane. He adds “Kimoby Pay makes it easy to do business with Clarkdale. Customers appreciate the fact that they are in and out more quickly to pick up their vehicle and they are getting better service.”

Improved profitability

Using Kimoby Pay has allowed Clarkdale to not have a nighttime receptionist and cashier. Not only did the company save on overhead but they’ve also greatly improved their customers’ experience. Kimoby has helped Clarkdale Volkswagen improve the way they do business and, as a result, their customer retention.

"It’s easier now for our customers to do business with Clarkdale Volkswagen because we offer them a cashier-free mobile checkout option."

Chris Lane - Operations Manager

Clarkdale Volkswagen

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