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Acura Plus Blainville Blainville, QC

Acura Plus Blainville


Blainville, QC, Canada


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The Problem

As is the case for many car dealerships, Acura Plus Blainville has more than 20 daily service appointments. During these appointments, technical advisors often have to reach their customers to request additional information, or simply to inform them that their vehicle is ready. Unfortunately, calls frequently go to voicemail, and are only actually received in the evening; making it difficult to reach a customer during the appointments themselves.

The Solution

We started working with Acura Plus Blainville in June 2014 by introducing our SMS feature, which allowed the dealership to send appointment reminders and directly reach customers during the day. This benefit helped make Acura Plus Blainville more productive by giving them the chance to follow up with customers, instead of spending the day listening to pre-recorded messages.

Once the web application began being implemented at the dealership, Kimoby met Thierry Goffart, Technical Advisor at Acura Plus Blainville. He does not have a mobile phone, and does not qualify himself as a tech-savvy individual. At first glance, this may have seemed like a challenge for the proper implementation of Kimoby in the department. However, by following the same training as his colleagues for our web application, he quickly became an adept and active user.“Kimoby is very intuitive and simple to use,” he told us. Indeed, Kimoby is easy to use, even for someone who can sometimes find themselves at odds with technology.

"I have the client respond faster than when I leave a voice message."

Thierry Goffart, Service Advisor

Acura Plus Blainville, Blainville, QC

The Result

Mr. Goffart quickly realized the benefits of using this technology to make the service department’s customer relations more efficient. Since the implementation of Kimoby, he sends more than 170 monthly text messages to his clients.“When I cannot reach them by phone, I send a text message. In many cases, I have the client respond faster than when I leave a voice message”, he observed. He also noted that he spends much less time on the phone now that he has access to Kimoby.

Since the dealership began its use of text messaging as a medium for communication, the Acura Plus Blainville team has received many positive comments from its customers on the effectiveness of the service department’s SMS usage.

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