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Acura Pickering Pickering, ON

Acura Pickering


Pickering, ON, Canada


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The Problem

We often hear about your various successes with Kimoby in our day-to-day interactions with you. In order to show you what is possible to achieve with Kimoby, we decided to have a discussion with Acura Pickering’s Service Manager, Brian Bontje, about the very successful campaign they ran in August with Kimoby.

Brian decided to use Kimoby to bring a campaign he was already promoting on Acura Pickering’s website to his clients’ phones. The campaign itself was offering discounted AC unit inspections. Despite this being an ideal promotion during the season’s warm climate, summer months usually remain slow in business, especially August. "August is a quiet month in the service industry," Brian noted, "and the Kimoby campaign was our attempt to kick things up a notch."

The Solution

Prior to using Kimoby for their campaigns, Acura Pickering used email. In an environment where people are saturated by information, getting messages across can be less than optimal. “People don’t look at their emails. They are bombarded with advertisements and spam. Text messaging is much more effective at reaching people”. Brian chose to go with Kimoby’s campaigns for a multitude of reasons: "I get a report back that contains useful feedback on the campaign’s efficiency. Plus, text messaging reaches people instantly."

Setting up the campaign was simple. “We had already used Kimoby’s campaigns during winter seasons, with good results.” Groups and parameters for the campaign were set, and the promotional text was transferred from the website to Kimoby, all in one smooth process. After the initial test message, Acura Pickering was good to launch their campaign.

"Text messaging is much more effective at reaching people."

Brian Bontje, Service Manager

Acura Pickering, Pickering, ON

The Result

And what a terrific launch it was. During the campaign’s run in the month of August, Brian reported an “uptick of 25% on our services over an average month in the summer”, as well as revenue “approximately $10,000 higher than average!” The impact of the campaign was immediately felt, and Brian’s goal to “shake the bushes and get some business happening” was more than accomplished.

The results of the campaign showed the power of text messaging. Brian observed that "many clients coming in commented on receiving a text message, saying it had reminded them to visit the dealership". The campaign’s message reminded clients to do something they would have not ordinarily done, driving much more business to Acura Pickering’s doorstep.

After the success of this campaign, Brian said his team will "definitely" be using Kimoby for future campaigns. We hope that this positive story shows you how Kimoby can help you reach new heights in your business, as Brian’s service team did with this campaign. At Kimoby, customer success is our top priority, and we love to highlight customers that achieved what they sought to do with our application’s help.

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