Increasing transparency with video text messaging

Sending videos allowed the dealership to do more with less while exceeding customer expectations.

Wheaton Chevrolet

The Client

Wheaton Chevrolet is a Saskatchewan-based dealership that offers service, parts, accessories, auto repair, and much more. They pride themselves on making it easy for customers to get in touch.


Regina, Saskatchewan




Wheaton Chevrolet's Challenge

Selecting an affordable text message solution

Wheaton Chevrolet customers wanted to be contacted by text message, but the dealership did not have a texting system in place.

Doing more with less

The dealership was forced to lay off staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They needed to find a way to better utilize the resources at hand.

Building their customers’ trust

Customers were often skeptical of the need for repairs, and questioned the costs. Wheaton Chevrolet wanted to provide transparency in their evaluation processes.

Increasing their CSI score

With no system in place to evaluate their customers’ satisfaction level, the dealership was not improving its reputation.

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Whenever we send a text that includes a video, we never receive less than a 9 out of 10 on the CSI score.

Brad Mund, Director of Fixed Operations
Wheaton Chevrolet Ltd.
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It’s happened that customers who refuse a repair change their minds when they see the video. The proof is there, and they decide to go ahead once they see it with their own eyes."

Brad Mund, Director of Fixed Operations
Wheaton Chevrolet Ltd.
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Transparency is one of our core values. Getting on board with Kimoby to better communicate with customers just makes sense for us.

Brad Mund, Director of Fixed Operations
Wheaton Chevrolet Ltd.

Why Wheaton Chevrolet chose Kimoby

  • Kimoby offers an affordable texting system that includes multimedia messaging
  • The promise of streamlined communication that increases overall efficiency and transparency of processes
  • The ease of use to implement CSI surveys

The Results

  • Faster and easier approvals because customers trust the technician’s evaluation once they see the diagnosis video
  • Increase in CSI scores. Customers who receive a video never rate less than a 9 out of 10
  • Increased profitability because technicians are able to cross-sell and upsell when customers understand the problem
  • Improved communication processes between staff and customers with easier follow-ups

The Success Story

Before using video text messaging, the dealership struggled to provide customers the information they needed to make informed decisions about repairs. This led to skepticism on the customer’s side and frustration on the dealership side. Now, sending videos of the evaluation process is the first step in gaining the customer’s trust and proceeding to repairs quickly and efficiently.

Upgrading their processes to include video text messaging has revolutionized Wheaton Chevrolet’s operations. With minimal investment, the dealership has transformed its approach to customer care, even designating a full-time videographer to document vehicle inspections. The long-lasting impact of building customer relationships on trust and transparency is sure to translate into repeat visits and increased business.

The Solutions

Satisfaction Management

Satisfaction Management

Automated feedback requests via text messages created opportunities to increase the dealership’s CSI score.
Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Sending videos to customers increased transparency, and created a sense of trust and confidence between both the client and the dealership.


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