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How did Waterloo Nissan both increase its CSI score and improve its business efficiency?


The Client

Established in 1988, Waterloo Nissan has grown to become a premier Nissan auto dealer in the Waterloo region. They aim to offer the best possible customer service with top-notch repair/maintenance work as well as an impressive collection of new and used cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs.

Over the years, Waterloo Nissan has developed its current location, as it now offers a state-of-the-art showroom, parts & center and finance department.


Waterloo, Ontario, Canada





Waterloo Nissan's Challenge

Reaching out to customers for appointment confirmations was difficult
Waterloo Nissan had a hard time reaching out to their customers. It had three employees making calls at the Business Development Center (BDC) to confirm appointments.

CSI follow-ups
Making CSI follow-ups was tedious for Waterloo Nissan. Employees were spending a lot of time on the phone or sending emails to their customers without great results.

Waterloo Nissan was looking for a texting tool tailored to their needs
Waterloo Nissan was looking for a software solution integrated with CDK to send messages and open repair orders (R.O.) that would bring more value to their business.

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Kimoby is an efficient tool. We save time on the phone and customers answer back quickly to our text messages.

Sheila Ping - Service Manager
Waterloo Nissan
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By using Kimoby we went from 62% up to 75% for our CSI rate. It is a great tool. I am glad we brought it on board.

Sheila Ping - Service Manager
Waterloo Nissan
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We had a 70% response rate on stored tires after a campaign we carried out with Kimoby.

Sheila Ping - Service Manager
Waterloo Nissan

The benefits of using Kimoby

Less phone calls for a better reach

Waterloo Nissan no longer uses three employees at the BDC. It now has someone internally overseeing things. Kimoby helps “save time on the phone and customers answer back quickly,” explains Sheila Ping, Service Manager at Waterloo Nissan. For example, the dealership had a 70% answer rate regarding stored tires after a text message campaign was sent. Waterloo Nissan also did a promo campaign for tires sales. “We had 25 to 30% feedback,” stated Sheila.

Improved appointment follow-ups

Since using Kimoby, Waterloo Nissan saw its no-show rate decrease. “We do have a successful rate. Now our customers retain their appointments and we have fewer no-shows than before,” she explained.

Automated advisor introduction

Waterloo Nissan uses automated advisor introductions. “Both [our customers and service advisors] enjoy it. It captures who the advisor is and avoids back-and-forth calls. It’s an efficient tool,” added Sheila.

CSI follow-ups made easy

Kimoby has had a significant impact on our business. We went from a reach rate of 8% to 15% with positive responses,” stated Sheila. She added: “We went from a 62% up to 75% CSI rate.” These results were achieved thanks to a combination of Kimoby and consulting: every time a customer rates the dealership below 9, Sheila receives an alert. She reaches out immediately with the customer and ensures they are taken care of. “It’s very convenient. It saves me time too,” said Sheila.

Seamless integration with CDK

Waterloo Nissan’s DMS is CDK. Kimoby seamlessly integrates with the CDK management system to enable Waterloo Nissan to send automated appointment reminders, work progress updates and service follow-ups.

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What they achieved

  • Reduced number of phone calls
  • CSI score increased by 20%
  • Reach rate for CSI satisfaction doubled
  • Reduced customer response time
  • Achieved a 70% answer rate on a stored tires campaign
  • Reduced no-shows

The Solutions


Instant Marketing

Dynamic customer segmentation and personalized text message campaigns.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Triggered text messages based on workflow rules and customer activity.


Satisfaction Management

Automated feedback requests via text messages.


CDK Global Approved Interface
Reynolds and Reynolds Certified
Serti Integration

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