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How Volvo Villa achieved 20% increase in CSI score within one month.

Volvo Villa

The Client

Volvo Villa has been proudly serving automotive enthusiasts throughout the Greater Toronto Area for over 25 years. As the largest volume Volvo retailer in Ontario, Volvo Villa has built its reputation on integrity, product knowledge, superior workmanship, quality of service, and customer satisfaction.


Thornhill, Ontario, Canada


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Delivering superior customer service

How to become consistently one of the top 3 performing Volvo retailers in Canada both new, pre-owned and CSI? You may ask Dave Longo, former service manager at Volvo Villa, and he will tell you that it requires more than just smiles, superior workmanship, courtesy and professionalism.

When your daily mission is to provide Volvo customers with a world-class, authentic and unified experience at every step of the ownership journey, simply providing adequate customer service is not enough. You need to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide the kind of wow factor that effectively makes you stand out as best of the best. How to achieve this?

Empowering service staff to improve customer satisfaction

Volvo Villa has been proud to serve automotive enthusiasts throughout the Greater Toronto Area since 1988. As the largest volume Volvo retailer in Ontario, there is no question as to how busy its service department can get at any given moment. At the end of the day, it is also clear that each of the 3 frontline staff under Dave Longo's supervision is a key team member in his own right, possessing a large measure of control over the customer experience and satisfaction.

You may think that things are moving fast but they're moving much faster; taking incoming customer calls, answering their questions and worries, reaching out for repair approval, service follow-ups, appointment reminders, confirmations and rescheduling, processing multiple payments during end-of-day rush while completing many other routine tasks required by the job. Every contact with the customer can drive either delight or dissatisfaction. More importantly, a single negative interaction can erase and undo many positive interactions. Unfortunately, not every customer will tell you that they are driving away unhappy. In fact, very few will.

Now, reacting to your customers problems quickly is one thing, but making proactive efforts to resolve issues before they arise is quite another. If you wish to empower service staff to act promptly on customer issues and effectively close the loop before damage is done, heeding customer feedback on a continuous basis is not optional. Volvo Villa's service team needed the right tools to streamline routine communications while gaining valuable time to focus on the customers that required immediate attention. They also needed to seamlessly build customer feedback into their regular daily operations to keep a real time gauge on how their customers felt about the service team's performance. How about identifying and resolving customer service issues as they arise? Kimoby promised just that, and quite a lot more.

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I was skeptical at first but it turns out Kimoby helped us achieve a 20% increase in CSI score within a single month.

Dave Longo, Former Service Manager
Volvo Villa

The benefits of using Kimoby

Collecting customer feedback made easy

Nothing wrong with a little skepticism. But the fact is that Dave and his team started seeing tangible improvements in Volvo Villa's satisfaction ranking a few weeks after giving their customers a quick and easy way to let the service department know how things had gone after each service appointment.

As Dave rapidly found out, customers wanted to comfortably share feedback from anywhere, anytime. Kimoby had just helped Volvo Villa set up a closed loop feedback process that continuously measured satisfaction while automatically highlighting unhappy customers from the lot. A simple text message that goes something like:



Closing the customer feedback loop

Nothing provides more insight and context than open-ended feedback. Meanwhile, open-ended text responses can be hard to analyze, especially when you have a constant stream of incoming feedback. Needless to say that it can be quite a tedious task even for the best service staff out there. That's where Kimoby's satisfaction tracking comes into play. It quickly turns unstructured, open-text customer feedback into a clear visual representation and it automatically highlights customer emotions hidden in comments, in a format that's easy to understand and act on.

Meanwhile, knowing something is going wrong with a customer experience is only half the battle. You also have to notify the person who has the availability and skills to make things right and save the day. That's specifically where Volvo Villa's service team comes into play. Thanks to Kimoby's built-in visual dashboard and smart feedback notifications, Dave and his frontline staff were rapidly able to zoom in on the most important customer comments, perform effective service recovery when necessary, and gain daily actionable insights into improvement. Perfection is about how one strives to achieve it.

The Solutions

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Triggered text messages based on workflow rules and customer activity.

Instant Marketing

Instant Marketing

Dynamic customer segmentation and personalized text message campaigns.
Satisfaction Management

Satisfaction Management

Automated customer feedback via text and real-time sentiment analysis.


CDK Global Approved Interface
Reynolds and Reynolds Certified
Serti Integration

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