Supporting families with transparent communication

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Les Résidences Floralies was able to implement a direct communication channel between family members, residents, and personnel with the help of Kimoby’s text messaging solution.


The Client

in partnership with community services like clinics, hospitals, and senior housing consultants, Les Résidences Floralies has worked with families by offering residential solutions for autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors as well as those who have lost their autonomy.


Lasalle and Lachine, Quebec, Canada


Seniors’ housing


The Challenge

Reaching a high number of families

Including both the Lasalle and Lachine homes, Les Résidences Floralies oversees approximately 1,200 residents. Finding a highly efficient communication channel to reach each resident’s family members became crucial when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Sharing timely information

Les Résidences Floralies wanted to be transparent about the events happening in their residences and give families daily updates on the total number of sick residents and deaths.

Gathering real-time feedback

Les Résidences Floralies felt strongly about implementing a bilateral communication channel, so that family members could reach out if they had any questions or if they needed to contact someone quickly.

Reuniting family members using videoconferences

Due to the pandemic, family members could not visit residents. To counter isolation and solitude, Les Résidences Floralies wanted to offer families a videoconferencing service.

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We have a great collaboration with the support team! Thanks to our customer success manager, we are able to use the app to its full potential.

Frederick Khushf, Systems and Building Director
Les Résidences Floralies
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It was very easy and quick to implement the platform. Families immediately adopted this efficient communication channel.

Frederick Khushf, Systems and Building Director
Les Résidences Floralies

Why Kimoby?

  • The platform’s integration was quick, easy, and seamless
  • The targeted campaign feature allowed more families to be reached simultaneously
  • The offering of a mobile payment solution

The Results

  • Enhanced peace of mind for family members due to better communication
  • Enabled timely delivery of important information
  • Created a direct bilateral communication channel between family members and personnel
  • Improved success rates for booking video conferences between family members and residents

The Success Story

The COVID-19 pandemic created an urgent need for more efficient communication at Les Résidences Floralies. Kimoby’s text message solution was the ideal tool to send daily updates to more families faster, enable bilateral communication between families and personnel, and facilitate videoconferencing meetings between residents and their loved ones.

The benefit of improved communication alleviated some of the stress caused by the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis. Helping families gain some peace of mind during these trying times are an immeasurable but crucial outcome that cannot be overlooked.

The Solutions


Instant Marketing

Text message campaigns enabled staff to send daily updates to thousands of people instantly, effectively streamlining communication.
Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Unlimited bilateral communication between family members and staff created trust and transparency.


CDK Global Approved Interface
Reynolds and Reynolds Certified
Serti Integration

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