An optimized order-intake process and better customer service

How did feed mill Meunerie Cacouna improve its order-intake process and offer a better customer experience?

Meunerie Cacouna

The Client

The Meunerie Cacouna feed mill has developed expertise in all sectors of animal and plant-based production.

In operation since 1962, the feed mill has developed unique expertise in ovine production. The company supplies a wide range of products to its clients, such as feed, supplements and whole grains, milking robots and numerous professional services.


Cacouna, Quebec, Canada






Meunerie Cacouna's Challenge

Difficulty in reaching clients

The feed mill delivers grains in bulk to clients who work in the fields. Its territory is divided into sectors. Every week, clients from various sectors receive deliveries.

Before using Kimoby, the mill's clients, being busy in the fields, were difficult to reach by telephone.

Slow and tedious ordering process

The distributor produces a consumption report every week and is therefore able to determine when a client will need grains. Two days after the planned delivery date, the distributor contacts the client to take their order.

Before using Kimoby, Meunerie Cacouna took orders by telephone as well as through text messaging. This represented a very high volume of calls, and it was not always easy to reach clients.

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Kimoby is a good working tool. It makes it easier to communicate with the client.

David Thériault, Distributor
Meunerie Cacouna
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A day like today, 90% of clients ordered via text message; the rest was by phone.

David Thériault, Distributor
Meunerie Cacouna
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I have the [Kimoby] application on my cellphone. Customers can reach me on the weekend in case of emergency and the next day I just have to prepare the order. I know what's happening.

David Thériault, Distributor
Meunerie Cacouna

The benefits of using Kimoby

Faster and more efficient order intake

The feed mill automatically sends a message to its clients to tell them their order will be delivered and advises them to order before 11 a.m. to be eligible for discounts. 90% of clients reply to the message received and most reply with their complete order. All that is left for David Thériault to do is to prepare the order. He said Kimoby has changed the way he manages his day-to-day work. “The clients have found that communication via text message is a good idea. It motivates them to place their order. Now, I have all my orders by 11:30.

Call volume cut in half

Since the feed mill has been using Kimoby, the number of telephone calls has dropped by 50%. That frees up time for the distributors and representatives to better serve their clients. “It's a big time savings,” said David Thériault.

Better customer service

Before the holidays or during promotions, the feed mill sends messages to remind clients about their orders. David Thériault said: “I have the [Kimoby] application on my cellphone. Customers can reach me on the weekend in case of emergency and the next day I just have to prepare the order. I know what's happening.

Happy customers

As soon as the feed mill acquires a new client, the team explains that it's possible to place orders via text message. “They're delighted to see what we can do. Most have been pleasantly surprised and found that it was a good idea. What's more, 90% of them reply to the text messages,” said Mr. Thériault.

Excellent support

As for the support offered by Kimoby, Mr. Thériault said: “Every time I had questions, I got very, very good service. They explained to me how to enter my data. It was easy.

Main reasons why Meunerie Cacouna choose Kimoby

David Thériault, a distributor at Meunerie Cacouna, comes from the automobile sector, where he used Kimoby at the dealership. He quickly saw how Kimoby could help the feed mill save time. He said: “I immediately saw that Kimoby could serve other sectors besides automotive.

What they achieved

  • 90% response rate
  • 50% fewer calls
  • Order-intake optimization
  • Improved customer service
  • Easier time reaching clients

The Solutions

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Instant Messaging

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