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How did McClure Honda boost its CSI and improve customer engagement

Mcclure Honda

The Client

As a Lewiston Honda dealer serving Clarkston, Pullman, and beyond, Mick McClure Honda not only maintains a vast inventory of new and pre-owned cars, SUVs, and trucks with the Honda nameplate, but they also carry vehicles from other top automakers, including Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, and more.

The staff at Mick McClure Honda is prepared to help, whatever their customers might need. Their commitment to the customer is first and foremost—everything else comes after.


Lewiston, Idaho, United States


Automotive dealerships


Mick McClure Honda's Challenges

Recall management was a long process

Mick McClure Honda used to send recall letters by regular mail. For each recall, they sent a letter and waited for the customers to contact them, so it was a long process.

Mick McClure Honda was looking for a texting solution appropriate for their needs

Mick McClure Honda was using a texting solution, but they were not satisfied with it. They were looking for a software solution integrated with AutoMate to send automated messages and campaigns. They were also looking for a solution that would handle subscription cancellations automatically, as they had to handle them manually before.

It was difficult to do CSI follow-ups

Mick McClure Honda had a hard time doing follow-ups. While they have been able to raise their follow-ups from 40% to 50% in a short period of time, the software they were using didn’t allow them to send automated messages. Casey Anderson, Service Manager at Mick McClure Honda, says that “with the previous software, it took forever. It was not automated.” The process was very time consuming with low efficiency.

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Before it was taking so much time. With Kimoby from the get-go, it has been awesome.

Casey Anderson, Service Manager
Mick McClure Honda
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CSI follow-ups go automatically every day. It eliminates a lot of work for me. I love it! it is awesome.

Casey Anderson, Service Manager
Mick McClure Honda
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CSI follow-ups are the biggest improvement of all. Before we were at 40%. I got it to 50% using our previous solution. With Kimoby we made it to 90%.

Casey Anderson, Service Manager
Mick McClure Honda

The benefits of using Kimoby

Fewer manual operations for better efficiency

Kimoby helps Mick McClure Honda automate some of their daily manual operations such as sending appointment reminders, follow-up surveys or targeted campaigns for recalls or special promotions. Casey Anderson states that “it eliminates a lot of work for me. I love it! it is awesome! I love that it does everything for me now.”

When it comes to subscription cancellations, Casey says that customers “used to contact us and we had to manually opt them out. Now it is up to the customer to opt out, which I love.”1

Customer follow-ups for appointments made easier

By using the appointment reminder feature, Mick McClure Honda’s service team spends less time trying to reach out to their customers. “I love it, and our customers seem to like it a lot,” says Casey Anderson.

Recall management made easier and more efficient

Mick McClure Honda uses the targeted campaign feature to manage its recalls. Casey says “if a recall comes now we upload the Excel file in Kimoby and we send the campaign. Julie (Customer Success Manager) helps me a lot! She is fantastic! When we sent the recall campaign we got instantaneous success on it.”

Improved CSI follow-ups

Mick McClure Honda has raised its surveys with Honda USA since using Kimoby. “That is the biggest improvement of all since we’ve been using Kimoby,” declares Casey. He adds that “last month our CSI was 89,3% follow-ups. With our previous solution, it took forever. It was not automated. With you guys, it goes automatically at 10 a.m. every day.”

Seamless integration with AutoMate

Mick McClure Honda’s DMS is AutoMate. Kimoby seamlessly integrates with the AutoMate management system to enable Mick McClure Honda to send automated appointment reminders, work progress updates and service follow-ups.


  1. Providing an opt-out option is a legal requirement under both TCPA and CASL regulations. Furthermore, opt-out must be made easy and simple for any customer. Learn more by reading our blog posts about TCPA FAQs and CASL FAQs.

Main reasons why McClure Honda chose Kimoby

  • Automated CSI follow-ups
  • More time to focus on the customers
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased customers engagement level
  • Automated management of subscription cancellations
  • Automated targeted campaigns

What they achieved

  • Increased the CSI follow-up from 50% to 90% in a couple of months
  • Reduced customer response time dramatically
  • Improved customer response to campaigns by 20%
  • Reduced manual daily service operations
  • Globally improved customer satisfaction

The Solutions

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Triggered text messages based on workflow rules and customer activity.

Instant Marketing

Instant Marketing

Dynamic customer segmentation and personalized text message campaigns.
Satisfaction Management

Satisfaction Management

Automated customer feedback via text and real-time sentiment analysis.


CDK Global Approved Interface
Reynolds and Reynolds Certified
Serti Integration

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