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How Gestipro reduced its volume of calls and improved team collaboration?


The Client

Gestipro is an industry leader in the residential income property and condominium management. Founded in 2013 and now operating in Québec City and Lévis, Gestipro has three distinct specialized departments: maintenance, rentals and administration. Its employees’ expertise allows the property management company to provide customers with the best service possible. Its ultimate goal is to offer one-of-a-kind customer care to both customers and tenants.


Québec City, Quebec, Canada


Property management


Gestipro's Challenges

According to the law, Gestipro must notify tenants of the date and time of its visit to their homes. Before using Kimoby, Gestipro employees had to call every tenant for each visit to their home. Sometimes the recipient's voicemail was full, and a detailed message could not be left. This forced them to make multiple calls until they were successful reaching the tenant or able to leave a voice message. This process took a lot of time.

In addition, during the time an employee was trying to reach a tenant to inform them of a visit, the employee could not answer incoming calls. Callers had to wait on the line until an employee became available.

Furthermore, with the old method, Gestipro had no record to prove that the tenant had been notified of the visit. In case of dispute, the company was unable to prove that the tenant had been notified.

But the list of issues does not stop there. Gestipro’s reception is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm each day, so two or three employees work shifts to cover this range. This made it difficult to keep track of what calls the employee on the previous shift made.

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With Kimoby, the conversation thread is more easily managed as conversations are shared. Everyone can see the answer and keep in touch with the tenants.

Maxime Aubry, Rentals coordinator
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Before [Kimoby] when calling [a tenant], we were not able to answer the phone at the same time. Today, we can do two things at a time. This is a huge-time saver!

Maxime Aubry, Rentals coordinator
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The Kimoby platform has simplified the way we do business. It is easier to follow up with tenants.

Maxime Aubry, Rentals coordinator

The benefits of using Kimoby

With more than 95% of tenants willing to be texted, Kimoby helped Gestipro dramatically reduce the volume of outgoing calls. This frees up more time for employees and allows them to be available for incoming calls.

Kimoby helps Gestipro to keep records of all the conversations and notices of visits sent to their tenants. In the event of a conflict, it is easier, faster and safer to track communications in Kimoby.

Even the tenants are fully happy with Kimoby. Many tenants in the building Gestipro manages are students. Texting is part of their daily lives. Text messages allow them to be informed about upcoming visits without being disturbed. “They keep records of the dates and times of visits to come; it is like a reminder available directly in their mobile phones. It is easier to reach out to them and they find it convenient as well,” said Maxime Aubry, Rentals Coordinator at Gestipro.

Main reasons why Gestipro chose Kimoby

Gestipro’s real estate assets have grown enormously in recent years and it has become necessary to change how it notifies tenants of upcoming visits. It is no longer able to manage telephone call volumes, which is why Gestipro sought out a text messaging solution.

What they achieved

  • Drastic reduction of the volume of outgoing calls
  • Reduced wait times on the phone for incoming calls
  • Better communication between team members thanks the sharing of conversations
  • Improved collaboration between receptionists

The Solutions

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Triggered text messages based on workflow rules and customer activity.

Satisfaction Management

Satisfaction Management

Automated customer feedback via text and real-time sentiment analysis.


CDK Global Approved Interface
Reynolds and Reynolds Certified
Serti Integration

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