Increased efficiency and a better response rate

How CJE Montmagny has improved its ability to reach youth in the MRC and increase its response rate.


The Client

MRC Montmagny's Carrefour jeunesse-emploi is a non-profit organization that has been serving its community since 1996. It offers free services to young adults aged 16 to 35 who want judicious advice or support to optimize their job search or return to school, develop their personal and social autonomy, enable them to succeed in their studies, or launch entrepreneurial or volunteer projects at school or as part of a collective volunteer effort within the MRC Montmagny.


Montmagny, Quebec, Canada


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CJE Montmagny's Challenge

One of the big challenges facing CJE Montmagny's facilitators and employees is reaching the youth. Whether it's to propose training, send a survey, make or confirm an appointment or perform follow-ups, the members of the team need to communicate with them promptly and efficiently.

Before using Kimoby, the facilitators used email, telephone and Facebook. Email is not popular among young people, and the telephone has not proven particularly effective with them. Some do not like speaking on the phone and much prefer writing. Others simply do not go to the trouble of replying to voice-mail messages.

As for Facebook, CJE's messages typically get lost in the barrage of messages received and information circulating on this social-media platform. The volume of data pollutes the Facebook line and CJE's messages go unnoticed.

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It's nice to have a means of communication other than a home telephone and social media. Kimoby offers that. It's faster and more effective.

Émile Mercier, Recruitment and Communication Officer
CJE Montmagny
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Kimoby is very instinctive and practical. I really like the “saved replies,” which I use when I send follow-up messages.

Émile Mercier, Recruitment and Communication Officer
CJE Montmagny

The benefits of using Kimoby

The facilitators are adapting to the means of communication that youth prefer. “If I can't reach them by email, I try texting,” said Émile Mercier, Recruitment and Communication Officer at CJE Montmagny. “A text is more official in their eyes,” he added.

In addition, some young people prefer texts to telephone calls. This means of communication is more intrusive for them. It's also easier when they're shy to speak on the phone.

Communication via text message has proven a faster and more effective way to connect with youth compared to the other communication methods used by CJE.

Kimoby represents an additional way to reach youth in the context of CJE's operations. The facilitators need to try to make contact three times before giving up. The messages that they have sent in the past months via text messaging have received a response rate of 100%.

"We reach youth more easily and quickly with Kimoby than by calling them."
Émile Mercier, Recruitment and Communication Officer, CJE Montmagny.

What they achieved

  • 100% response rate to messages sent by employees and facilitators
  • Better efficiency for the team
  • Saved time for facilitators
  • Wider reach for messages

The Solutions

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Instant Messaging

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Instant Marketing

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