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How Agri-Marché improved service efficiency, boosted customer satisfaction and simplified ordering


The Client

Agri-Marché is a family business and a subsidiary of Groupe Brochu. It specializes in offering products and services for bulk animal feed.

Agri-Marché operates a number of animal feed mills throughout Ontario and Québec. The company also operate pork and poultry breeding farms as well as a transloading centers. It assists producers in reaching their production goals. Thanks to its employees, the quality of its products and services, and its focus on the latest innovations in its sector, Agri-Marché has gained significant market share.


Saint-Isidore, Quebec, Canada




Agri-Marché's Challenge

Difficulty contacting customers for deliveries

Agri-Marché’s customers work in agricultural fields. Customers receive deliveries every two weeks. The company’s customer service team contacts producers to remind them that their deliveries will take place the next day. This gives producers the opportunity to place orders, if they have not done so already or if they need last-minute animal feed.

Before using Kimoby, Agri-Marché was conducting follow-ups by phone and email. Contacting customers was not always easy. On one hand, customers were not always able to answer because they were busy. On the other hand, the telephone network didn’t always cover all the areas where customers operate. “When its planting season or sugar-season it is not always easy to reach them,” said Cindie Lafortune, Customer Service Manager at Agri-Marché. With regards to emails, they were sent one by one, which added extra work for employees. This approach had some limitations as customers didn’t always easily access their emails or didn’t bother to look at their emails for days at a time.

Ordering was a long and tedious process

At Agri-Marché, deliveries to customers are made every day. The day before each delivery, customer service reps have to contact customers to take their orders. Before using Kimoby, customers willing to place their orders called or emailed Agri-Marché. This mainly took place at the end of the day when the offices were already closed. Therefore, orders were only processed the next morning, which inevitably led to delays and aggravated customers.

Agri-Marché was looking for a texting solution to meet its needs

Agri-Marché’s customers were increasingly requesting to be contacted by text message as they considered it as a communication medium more adapted to their work. Moreover, Agri-Marché was looking for a solution that could support automated campaigns to address a wide audience in order to reduce the workload related to ordering follow-ups.

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Kimoby helps us reach our customers through text messaging easily in one single click. We also can group our customers that are on a common route and send them a message to all of them at the same time.

Cindie Lafortune, Customer Service Manager
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Our customers are hooked on text messages. They tell us that without our text messages [as reminders], they just forget. They are addicted. The use of text messages is an added value for us.

Cindie Lafortune, Customer Service Manager
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We have more customers than before but not more customer service agents. We also are able to offer more services, which was not possible before using Kimoby.

Cindie Lafortune, Customer Service Manager

The benefits of using Kimoby

Ordering made easier

We offer our customers the possibility to place orders through text messages. No need to wait!” said Cindie Lafortune, Customer Service Manager. She adds “Customers can text whenever they want. We let them know when the office is closed; if an emergency occurs, they can still call us directly.

Improved team productivity

Kimoby helps Agri-Marché easily reach many customers at the same time thanks to the campaign feature. Cindie Lafortune said: “We have successfully optimized the work of our customer service team to offer a customer experience that makes a world of difference compared with our competition.”

Better customer service

“The challenge with phone calls was that we received a huge number of calls. Today we can reach many customers at the same time with one single text message. Therefore, the workload of employees who take calls is reduced so they can perform more value-added tasks. We were able to add new services for our customers [since we use Kimoby], which we were not able to do it before,” Ms. Lafortune added. “We have more customers with the same number of customer service agents.”

Intuitive and easy-to-use tool

“This is such a great platform that there is no need for training. It’s so easy to navigate and use,” Ms. Lafortune said.

Premium customer support

“My team loves it for its simplicity. If there is a problem, we just have to chat live with their support team. We get answers within minutes. Kimoby is synonymous with service and simplicity.”

Delighted customers

Agri-Marché has been a leader in Québec in offering its customers to communicate and place orders through text messaging. Ms. Lafortune is adamant: “Our customers love it.”

Main reasons why Agri-Marché choose Kimoby

  • Kimoby’s campaign feature lets users create customer groups to send targeted messages at the same time
  • Kimoby allows two-way communication between the mill and its customers, giving the company the ability to send automated messages specifically outside business hours.

What they achieved

  • Increased customer outreach
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced call volume
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better customer experience

The Solutions

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Manage all your customer conversations in one place.

Instant Marketing

Instant Marketing

Dynamic customer segmentation and personalized text message campaigns.


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