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Wheaton Chevrolet

Video text messaging for increased transparency

Video text messages provide the missing link between customer expectations and efficient, transparent service. More information means more trust.

Transforming the customer experience with exceptional end-to-end service

Transforming the customer experience with exceptional end-to-end service

Kimoby is helping OK Tire Spruce Grove provide exceptional end-to-end customer service from the initial payment request to after-service text message follow-ups.

Les Résidences Floralies

Supporting families with transparent communication

Kimoby is helping Les Résidences Floralies deliver a transparent and direct communication channel between family members, residents, and the personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Waterloo Nissan

More time for higher business performance

How did Waterloo Nissan both increase its CSI score and improve its business efficiency?

Motor City Chrysler

Faster outreach for an improved customer experience

How did Motor City Chrysler’s service team improved its marketing efforts and overall communications with its customers thanks to Kimoby?

Henley Honda

Effective outreach for higher customer engagement and profitability

How did Henley Honda in St. Catharines improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue opportunities?

Meunerie Cacouna

An optimized order-intake process and better customer service

How did feed mill Meunerie Cacouna improve its order-intake process and offer a better customer experience?

Carrefour jeunesse-emploi MRC Montmagny

Increased efficiency and a better response rate

How CJE Montmagny has improved its ability to reach youth in the MRC and increase its response rate.


Gaining more time for a stellar customer experience

How Agri-Marché improved service efficiency, boosted customer satisfaction and simplified ordering?

Great Lakes Honda

Higher CSI and happier customers

How Great Lakes Honda in Sault Ste. Marie improved both their CSI and customer experience?


More time to better manage incoming calls

How Gestipro both reduced their volume of calls and improved their team collaboration?

Brian Jessel BMW

Easier and faster outreach for better customer engagement

How did Brian Jessel BMW in Vancouver reduce no-shows and improve customer communications?

Mick McClure

More time for higher customer satisfaction

How did McClure Honda boost its CSI and improve customer engagement?


More time for better customer care

How did Vancouver's Clarkdale Volkswagen improve both their efficiency and customer retention?


Faster appointment follow-ups and confirmations

How Dilawri automates customer service through text message.

Volvo Villa

Collecting customer feedback made easy

How Volvo Villa achieved 20% increase in CSI score within one month.

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