Turn Your DMS Data Into Revenue

Discover how Kimoby’s Business Instant Messaging uses your DMS data to create increased revenue opportunities, optimized business operations, and spectacular customer service.

Turn your DMS data into revenue with Kimoby

6 Ways Kimoby Transforms Your Business

1. Stop chasing customers

Limit no-shows and spend less time following-up on appointments. Let your customers confirm or reschedule appointments by replying to automated and personalized text messages. Bonus: it’s less disruptive for customers.

2. Reduce your phone call follow-up by 60%

Less talk, more action. Use text messages to send customized vehicle-ready messages, customer satisfaction surveys to boost your CSI score, work order authorizations, vehicle reports, payment requests, and more. Free up your staff’s time so they can focus on higher-value tasks.

3. Increase trust and transparency

Give your customers the information they need to make quick decisions confidently. Send them videos and photos of the necessary repairs or required parts, and get the go-ahead within minutes. Speed up the sales process by empowering your customers.

4. Drive up engagement

Your customers are more than twice as likely to reply to an instant message than they are to pick up the phone when you call them. And if you’re wondering, the average text response time is 90 seconds.

5. Empower your staff

The Kimoby platform was designed with its users in mind. It’s ultra-functional, intuitive, and designed for seamless team collaboration. Your staff will enjoy using Kimoby to get work done efficiently while providing exceptional customer service.

6. Get up to speed

People want instant gratification with on-the-spot service. The window to wow customers is getting shorter and shorter, and businesses must offer a competitive purchasing experience that caters to the now mindset. Replace your outdated communication processes with Business Instant Messaging to adapt to today’s customer service expectations.